Oct 12, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Spokesman :Afghanistan to journalists take to Taliban most are here representatives Taliban -- IRNA 12, .Oct Islamabad, of city eastern Afghanistan's to journalists foreign take to likely unleashed destruction and death the themselves for see to Jalalabad .strikes -led.S.U by militant's Taliban the IRNA, with Friday on interview an In mostly asserted Shaheen Sohail Muhammad Pakistan in spokesman British its and .S.U the by targeted being were localities civilians .forces coalition to journalists of team a possible, if take, to trying are We" as idea an have to able be could they that so (Friday) today Jalalabad ,"civilians innocent on loose let been has tragedy human much how to .said he the ,"terrorism blatant" as bombardment ongoing the Describing village Jalalabad one on attack an in that lamented spokesman Taliban 15 as many as while died had people hundred one than more alone, .mosque a hit bomb a when killed were worshippers victims the become have people 300 than more far so that said He by day increasing keeps toll death the and barbarities -led.S.U the of .day far so ascertained be not could injured the of number exact The .source Taliban this to according higher, much be must it but including recovered, already been had bodies dead the of Most .explained he question, a to reply in people, old and women children, particularly community, international the on called spokesman The .civilians innocent of killings largescale prevent to Ummah Muslim the offer, latest President's .S.U the about question a to reply In with available was offer the of detail no that said Shaheen Sohail .remarked he ,"media the through learned only had We" .Kabul was and comment any make to position a in not was he said He .Kabul from context this in reaction any for waiting ongoing the that stated has Bush George President .S.U The .bin-Laden Osama over hand Taliban if reviewed be could operation could Taliban position, earlier the reiterated Shaheen Sohail .produced is evidence credible if hand-over Laden's bin Osama consider of garb the under declared emphatically he However, presence its have and Taliban remove to wanted US get-Osama-operation, .region the in MHA/NA/AR .End