Oct 12, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Friday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 12, .Oct Islamabad, .12 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... FO :aggression any repulse to ready Islamabad * bases Pakistan from attack No * Zaeef says ground, on fought be will war Real * Shah Zahir with talks hold to Rome in Mujaddedi * law of violators on ordered Crackdown * News The ........... Afghanistan beyond .S.U to support No * Taliban :attacks .S.U in killed 300 * airports Pak two at arrive troops .S.U * Musharraf :severely with dealt be to Protesters * Afghanistan on stand Pak on briefed Iran * convoy aid food UN on tax heavy levy Taliban * Nation The ............. bombing heavy continues .S.U * workers aid UN to protection assures Pakistan * peace negotiate to 21st on meet elders Afghan * Quetta in out called Army * .S.U :Pakistan with conflict ignite to not India * Post Frontier The ................... Afghanistan on raids .S.U fresh in dead 100 Over * Afghanistan in banned English of Use * Pakistan to support assures Bank World * Qureshi says Army, in grouping No * Afghanistan in govt popular back to .S.U * MA/BH/AR End