Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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"diplomacy active more" up take will Iran says Khatami that said has Khatami Mohammad President -- IRNA 11, Oct Tehran, in days coming the in "diplomacy active more a" up take will Tehran -led.S.U following region, the in developments ongoing of face the .Afghanistan on attacks parliament, the and government the of meeting joint a at Talking protect" could which "measures wise" adopt to need the reiterated he .time same the at "interests national" meet and "principles the sensitive the of wake the in policies foreign Iran's outlined He authorities' Iranian reiterated and region the in developments .terrorism of condemnation evil this against fight successful a to key the that said Khatami of roots the stem to drive international" an in lied phenomenon ".bases its and terrorism block main the as is extremism cited also president Iranian The Republic, Islamic the in democracy religious a of establishment the to .phenomenon the stem to hands join should all saying who Iranians the of minds the in lies said, he problem, The for powers colonial and regimes totalitarian under live to used .years and grave massive, a is attitude an such of modification The" remaining only the adding said, Khatami "task, time-consuming the within change accept" to is extremism of rid get to alternative ".law of framework people the of presence and rule state the of practice the Both" that so law of framework the within be should arena the in not do waves destructive and society the grip not does disappointment .added he "it, target Islamic the in parliament the of role the described Khatami and society the to "changes legal" bringing in eminent as Republic and variety of manifestation the is (parliament) Majlis" said, ".society the in pluralism the among are cost its paying and people in Believing .said president the democracy, of establishment the for prerequisites democratic independent, an up set to possible is it that said He identity religious its to according Iran in society advanced and definition comprehensive and modern a present we" that provided ".identity religious of the in country the of indices economic main outlined Khatami system, banking the to debts private and state employment, of fields economic new his in exports non-oil as well as investments rational" being as budget state the defended and plan development ".realistic and the that hoping trend, economic improving the hailed He in strategies suitable out find would parliament and government .plans development for budget state the up raise to order BH/RR End