Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Spokesman :Pakistan in troops combat US No S.U no are there that said Thursday Pakistan - IRNA 11, Oct Islamabad, .moment the at Pakistan in troops combat reporters told also Khan Aziz spokesman Office Foreign Pakistan .States United the and Pakistan between tension no is there that stated had President Pakistan the that explained spokesman The Afghanistan in campaign the that conference news recent his during .targets terrorist on concentrate would and short be would against fight to regard with was Bush President of statement The and said he time, of period a over extended be can which terrorism, in military be would it that mean necessarily doesn't it that added .nature its spokesman the concerned, is Afghanistan in government as far As broad-based a be should there that maintained always has Pakistan said .there government multi-ethnic and outside without it choose should themselves Afghans" ."interference Afghanistan with border said spokesman the question a to Replying over hosting already is Pakistan as refugees Afghan new for closed is persons displaced internally the that said He .refugees million three humanitarian and Afghanistan inside camps in accommodated be should .there provided assistance generous than more been always has Pakistan said however, He, .reviewed be can policy the be need if and refugees towards wants it that stated clearly has Pakistan said he question a To repulse to ready is it but India with disputes of settlement peaceful .aggression any with issues all of settlement desires Pakistan said spokesman The party third auspices, UN be could These .means peaceful through India is Pakistan added, he time, same the At .talks bilateral or mediation the has Pakistan said He .aggression any face to prepared fully .itself defend to capability been has Minister Foreign Indian the said he question another To visit the for dates However, .Pakistan visit to invitation an extended .finalized been yet not have the State, of Secretary American the by Pakistan to visit About .finalized been yet not has visit his of programme said spokesman /MMZ/RR End