Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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civilian on attack missile American in killed Afghans 100 Envoy :population on killed were civilians 100 least At - IRNA 11, Oct Islamabad, eastern in village a hit missiles American the when morning, Thursday .said Zaeef Salam Abdul Mulla Pakistan, to envoy Taliban Afghanistan, village struck missiles the that conference news a told Zaeef fresh heaviest during Ningrahar of capital the Jalalabad, near Torghar .attacks civilians targeting started they that Americans the accused He air repeated in system defence Taliban destroy to failed they when .days four last the for strikes on rights human of protector be to claims Americas said He most with people Afghan the strikes other the on but hand one the already have people 70 which of result a as weapons sophisticated .martyred been affected severely been have who Afghanistan of people The" now are poverty, and sanctions, drought, war, of years twenty by the on terrorism and cowardice not this Is .raids air American facing .questioned Salam "Superpower? a of part of battleground been has Afghanistan ironically that added He .powers world of showdown and rivalries natural and oil about more is game present the that ridiculed He this, achieve to said He .Osama than rather Asia Central of resources a with Afghanistan of Emirate Islamic the replace to wants America to wants America therefore, and Kabul in government pro-American a have to Afghanistan of people Muslim and Mujahid the from snatch launched been has Aggression .in believe they what on based government is dictatorship global and independence and sovereignty our against .democracy defendig of cover the under America by unleashed being .politically-motivated only as action military US the termed He eminent rendered Afghanistan of Emirate Islamic the that is fact The" international the and Afghanistan of people to both services .remarked he ,"community in security of concept no was there earlier that said He .safe not was life and property honour, people's Afghanistan and lives their protected and security them gave We " added, He out rooted We .drugs illicit from suffering was world The .honour without this did We .completely Afghanistan in cultivation poppy ".remuneration for one any asking American to acceptable not be to seem work great these But" .said ,"hegemonism same the Kabul to bringing on bent now is America that said He sixty than more killed and city Kabul the destroyed which forces, still is America so doing by that added He .citizens Kabul thousand .city Kabul in bloodshed more for thirsty American of days past the in that said he raids air about Talking parts different in martyred been have civilians 70 than more raids air with increasing is number the that added He .Kandahar and Kabul of .time of passage the of people defenceless the to America of gift the is This" it saying is Pentagon when time a at so doing are They .Afghanistan .said he "civilian, targeting not is take not would hypocrisy and weapons atrocities, that hoped He .Afghans the of morale the and determination strong our tested have Superpowers the All" time This .faith and independence sacrifices, for sentiments the with is He sure are We .Allah of hand the in is power All .test you'll .hoped Salam ,"us /MMZ/RR End