Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan of spread stop to states Islamic on calls Shahroudi war bin Jamil Tehran to Ambassador Saudi -- IRNA 11, Oct Tehran, Chief Judiciary with Thursday on here conferred al-Jaishi Abdullah .concern mutual of issues on Shahroudi Hashemi Mahmoud Ayatollah the of framework the within that said Shahroudi meeting, the At best our do should We" (OIC) Conference Islamic the of Organization ".region the in war full-scale a of outbreak prevent to and proof any without people Afghan oppressed the Attacking Islamic all that adding said he unacceptable, totally is evidence condemned unanimously have countries Western the as well as states dealing to chosen has .S.U the way the to opposed are and terrorism .issue the with fact the but method clear very a has terrorism against Fighting do to nothing haev which goals some following was .S.U the that is seeking is US the that adding said, he terrorism, of issue the with among as well as East and West the between war of flames the fan to goals its uncovering is it reason this for and civilizations world .step by step to boos give will actions military massive American's the tarnishing in result will which terrorism of acts and extremism .said he world, the in Islam of image he issue, the towards states Islamic the of duty the to Referring in Arabia Saudi and Iran including states islamic All said'' UK and US of materialization prevent to responsible are particular, .said Shahroudi West,'' the and Muslims world against goals by taken stance the supported part, his for ambassador, Saudi The ideads extremist of ''Spread saying chief Judiciary Iranian the for ground the prepare to aims West the and world Muslim the in among ''Dialogue of idea the to opposed as civilizations of clash ''.Iran of Republic Islamic the by proposed Civilizations'' Saudi forces, ex-Soviet the by Afghanistan of invasion the Since stability and tranquility of restoration after been always has Arabia .said he country, that to to importance great attache world Muslim the and Arabia Saudi the ruin events recent the let not should ''We and Palestine .said rights,''he Palestinians' country's his of behalf on ambassador Saudi the conclusion, In .country the to visit a pay to Shahroudi invited officials judicial MM/RR End