Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Indonesia in chains fast-food American 'seal' Protesters various from students of Hundreds -- IRNA 11, Oct Lumpur, Kuala capital Indonesia's of east km 600 about Yogyakarta, in universities the protest to Wednesday on rallies separate two had Jakarta of President .S.U of effigy an burning Afghanistan, on attack -led.S.U restaurants, fast-food American popular "sealing" and Bush .W George Thursday on reported Post Jakarta the Muhammadiyah of members be to claiming protesters, of group One Students Islamic of Association the and (IMM) Association Students while Bush, .W George President .S.U of effigy an burned ,(HMI) .council legislative provincial the at rallying .protester one shouted "people, innocent kills Bush" the of campus the from marched students of group Another area business Yogyakarta's toward University Islamic Indonesian is God) Akbar Allah" shouting and chanting Sudirman, .Jl through ".(Great International the to Bush Bring" read, that banners carried They in assets .S.U Freeze" ,"arrogance .S.U tolerate can't Islam" ,"Court ".products .S.U Boycott" and "Indonesia front in stopped students the intersection, Tugu reaching Upon performance, theater street a held and restaurant Hut Pizza a of .Afghans hungry depicting "Afghanistan, on assault the finance help you here, eat you When" from product capitalist this boycott Let's" .protester one said ".on now the sealed symbolically protesters the speeches, holding After .posters of dozens with Hut Pizza of door front here Eating" ,"sealed is restaurant This" read, posters Some ,"liquidated be will restaurant This" ,"Afghans poor the killing means ".(Indonesia) here investments .S.U boycott and Freeze" be to seemed nevertheless, customers, Hut Pizza of Dozens .meal their with continued and demonstration the by unperturbed .Malioboro .Jl to south headed protesters the Hut, Pizza From .located is restaurant McDonalds where posters pasting by again McDonalds, "sealed" protesters 10 Some American Boycott "shouted, protesters Other .windows McDonald's on "products! customers, McDonald's disturb not did actions their Again, meal, their enjoying were who schoolgirls veiled some including .Post Jakarta the to according .peacefully dispersed then protesters The the at protests staged students 300 about Java, West Bandung, In pictures and flags .S.U burning building, legislative provincial .Bush President of any take not did protesters, the outnumbered who police, The the stop to forces security urged had government the although action protest The .nations other of symbols other and flags of burning .by stood policemen 400 around as peacefully ended University Riau from students of hundreds Riau Pekanbaru, In the and building legislative provincial the at protests staged Governor by received were protesters the where office, governor's .Djasit Saleh operation military its stop .S.U the that demanded students The .products .S.U boycott would they or Afghanistan in have protests .S.anti-U continuing Java, East Surabaya, In the leave to Indonesia in working expatriates 166 of out 66 prompted .S.U the at working Americans included city the leaving Those .city .office consulate had province the in working Americans Sulawesi, Central Palu, In the should province the leave to documents necessary all prepared .worsen situation office his said Satrio Bambang spokesman Office Immigration Palu .Americans 52 the for documents immigration all processed had the in working Americans the of none said he Nevertheless, was foreigners against incident no that noting left, had province .reported the guaranteed Pakuningrat Maulana Sultan Java, West Cirebon, In .town port the in foreigners of safety security including agencies, related all with coordinated have I" the jeopardize could that actions no be will There .Cirebon in forces .said he "Cirebon, in foreigners of security the for groups vocal small, from pressure public mounting Despite said government the States, United the with ties sever to government and .S.U the with relations good maintain would it that Thursday on .allies its the told Mahendra Ihza Yusril Minister Affairs Foreign Acting watch would government the that Jakarta in Agency News Antara official no by would but Afghanistan on attacks military -led.S.U the closely .enemy an .S.U the consider means of Organization the and Nations United the push will Indonesia" he "crisis, Afghan the resolve and intervene to Conference Islamic .said Affairs Security and Social Political, for Minister Coordinating at public the urging view, similar a echoed Yudhoyono Bambang Soesilo .emotional be to not large by away carried be to not citizens Indonesian all on call I" our including issue, fundamental very a deciding in emotions our as said, Soesilo "community, international the with relations .Antara by quoted pressures, public mounting to reacting were ministers two The .S.U the with ties cut to Indonesia for groups, Muslim militant from .S.U the which Taliban the against strikes air its at protest in main the Laden, bin Osama terrorist suspected harboring of accuses civilians 6,000 over killed which attacks 11 .Sept the in suspect .countries 60 over from military Taliban bombed Britain and .S.U the after Immediately Indonesian the evening, Sunday on camps training terrorist and targets Megawati President of administration the urged (MUI) Council Ulemas .S.U the with relations cut to Soekarnoputri militant and students from support limited received has call The States United the against protests daily staged have which groups .ultimatums of series a issued and Monday since bn/RR End