Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 11, Oct Tehran, :Thursday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "war of spread oppose states Muslim" -led.S.U the of spread the Wednesday opposed nations Muslim or Arab other any to Afghanistan in regime Taliban the on onslaught .said AFP country, Islamic NEWS IRAN -- "broad-based be should government Afghan Future" Doha in said Assefi Hamid-Reza spokesman Ministry Foreign be should Afghanistan for government future a that Wednesday ethnic and tribes various its all include should and broad-based .groups INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "Tehran with ties improve to desire reiterates EU" Europe's underlined Michel Louis Minister Foreign Belgian strongly is which Iran, with ties strengthen and expand to desire .Afghanistan against strikes military British and .S.U the to opposed TIMES TEHRAN -- "membership WTO Iran's vetoes again .S.U" Iran's blocked again once has America of States United The .(WTO) Organization Trade World the in membership for application .Tuesday IRAN -- "breach constitutional of Judiciary notified Khatami" the to notice a served Wednesday on Khatami Mohammad President of members of rights constitutional of violation about Judiciary .law of courts the by parliament YAZD AFTAB-E -- "Majlis the to answer to days 10 has Mousavi-Lari" in motion a filed have deputies parliamentary Iranian Seventeen .Mousavi-Lari Abdolvahed Minister Interior impeach to parliament ENTEKHAB -- military of limitation for call countries Islamic Russia," "Afghanistan in operations .S.U the asked emphatically Russia and countries Islamic .Afghanistan in operations military limit to Wednesday AFARINESH -- "attacks American to halt for efforts extensive Tehran's" the of ministers foreign the of meeting emergency An Doha in inaugurated was Conference Islamic the of Organization Khalifa bin Hamad Sheikh Emir, Qatari the by morning Wednesday .Ath-Thani QODS -- "television Al-Jazeera to warning America's" sources news East Middle cited has ISNA agency news students The Boucher Richard spokesman Department State .S.U the that saying as broadcasting stop to Al-Jazeera television Qatari the asked has American the about "stories untrue categorically and provocative" .Afghanistan on attacks RESALAT -- "America against shouts Tomorrow," a that announced has Organization Propagation Islamic The on attacks American condemn to Friday held be will rally nationwide .Afghanistan of people Muslim and oppressed the HAMSHAHRI -- "conference plenary UNESCO over preside to Iran" elected Wednesday session 162nd its in Council Executive UNESCO UNESCO 31th the chair to UNESCO, to ambassador Iran's Jalali, Ahmad .conference plenary EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "borders eastern to threat No" daily this told Mousavi-Lari Abdolvahed Minister Interior and calm is borders eastern Iran's at situation the that Wednesday the at threat no exists there Afghanistan, on attacks .S.U despite .borders Iran-Afghanistan NOROUZ -- "America by war of expansion to opposition states' Islamic" Islamic the of Organization the of ministers foreign The in meeting emergency an of end the at statement a in Conference, the under countries Arab or Islamic any on attack condemned Doha, .terrorism with fight of excuse HAMBASTEGI -- "school theological Feyzieh Qom's in gather Clerics" the in seminary Feyzieh the at gathered clerics of group A the on attacks .S.U against protest to Wednesday Qom of city religious .people Afghan NO HAYAT-E -- "list House's White on suspects 22" of tour his during Bush, .W George President that said Reuters 22 of names the containing list, a revealed has Wednesday, on FBI .terrorists suspected MELLAT -- "countries Islamic other on attacks America's backs London" London that Wednesday said Blair Tony Minster Prime British .countries Islamic other attack to intends it if .S.U the back will ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "soldiers American for coffins 2,000" saying as newspaper Greek a cited Milliyet daily Turkish The for sacks and coffins 2,000 stocked have Britain and .S.U he that .Cyprus in bases British two in bodies dead carrying BH/RR End