Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Powell :discussed be will Kashmir said Powell Colin State of Secretary .S.U -- IRNA 11, Oct Delhi, New he when "discussions of subject a" be would issue Kashmir the that based New-Delhi a said month, this later Pakistan and India visits .Thursday daily English urge also would he said Powell Times, Hindustan the to According and "restraint continued exercise" to countries two the of leaders ".dialogue begin" "discussion of subject be will issue Kashmir the sure am I" and Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime India's with talks the during in interview an in said he ,"Musharraf Pervez President Pakistan's .Washington leaders both to speak to opportunity an have hopefully will I" he "dialogue, begin to and restraint continued for need the about .said and Vajpayee .ongoing been really had said, Powell dialogue, The of them remind would I" .week this other each to spoke Musharraf weapons nuclear possess do that States as responsibilities their respect with restraint and caution of level a (for need the) see to ".activities their to obviously are moment this at nations both" said, Powell "think, I" this in part their do to anxious obviously are they and stable campaign the in forward come has India..terrorism against campaign they effort and support of kind the appreciate We .terrorism against ".making are in purges the after stable was regime Musharraf the whether Asked it leave would I" said, Powell out, carried recently he military the ".that for explanations make to him to up his for price "political" a pay to had Musharraf that said Powell the against demonstrations some were there and decisions bold are these but" Pakistan in Taliban against action coalition's not support has he that (Musharraf) him assure will I...manageable courageous his for community international the but .S.U of only ".steps BH/RR End