Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Thursday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines Follwoing -- IRNA 11, .Oct Islamabad, .11 October on dailes Pakistani Dawn ....... Jacobabad at land planes US * Bush :short be to not operation Afghanistan * fire heaviest under come Kandahar Kabul, * country Muslim other any on strikes opposes OIC * attacks fresh of warns Osama * News The ........... extremists to warning sounds Musharraf * Taliban attack to choppers US * India :visit Pak Jaswant's for plans No * Spokesman :Osama on curbs lift Taliban * jihad for calls Omar Mulla * missiles bombs, US of target hideouts old Osama's * Nation The ............. Afghanistan on attack ground for ready US * Kabul in govt Pak-friendly backs Germany * border Torkham near bombs pound jets US * Taliban say food, US to fire setting Afghans * Taliban within rebellion for move CIA * Post Frontier The .................... continue raids air as revenge vow Taliban Al-Quaida, * border Afghan at fire of Exchange * today Afghanistan into incursion Land * misguided Taliban says leader Muslim US * Observer Pakistan ..................... terrorists 22 wanted' 'most of list new unveils Bush * Uzbekistan attack to threaten Taliban * Sattar :Islam distorting West in minority A * :reaction fundamentalists prevent to bid Army in Reshuffle * Benazir /MMZ/RR End