Oct 11, 2001, 12:01 AM
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conflict Afghanistan-US in interfere to not told Malaysians go to not urged been have Malaysians -- IRNA 11, Oct Lumpur, Kuala .States United the against forces Taliban with fight to Afghanistan to Malaysians said Badawi Ahmad Abdullah Minister Prime Deputy affairs internal Afghanistan's in interfering as seen be not should the on Government the support to people the for best was it that and .issue of affairs domestic the in interfering as seen be shouldn't We" newsmen told Minister Home the also is who Abdullah, "Afghanistan, Mahathir Dr Minister Prime by chaired meeting Cabinet the after .night Wednesday on Mohamad the by statement a on comment to asked been had Abdullah (PAS) SeMalaysia Islam Parti opposition, Islamic-based the given had party the that Isa Mat Nashruddin secretary-general .forces Taliban with fight to members its to light green jihad a declared had leadership Pas the said had Nashruddin Afghanistan against retaliation its for States United the against .Washington and York New on attacks 11 Sept the following the seek to required not were members Pas said also had He .Afghanistan in fight the up take to wished they if approval party's Mohd Fadzil president PAS statement, contradictorily in But, .Taliban the join to members PAS to given was directive no said Noor members, its of any stop cannot party the said, he However, with conflict its in forces Taliban the alongside fight to wishing .US a requires it as there members send to plan any have don't We" a in fight to expertise the have not do members PAS .money of lot .said he "wirearms, use even or war US the to memorandum a sending be will party the said Fadzil .Afghanistan on attack the against protest to Friday on embassy in Muslims million a of gathering a be will there whether On SMS an as prayers, Friday the after Enmbassy US the of front expected he said Fadzil stated, hand-phones through transmitted .up turn to people 300 about on calls which SMS the received have people of number A prayer special a for Embassy US the of front in gather to Muslims .day that on a poses aggression such that view the of is PAS said He .security world to danger statement Nashruddin's of possibility the discounting Without should Pas said Abdullah popularity, gain to Pas by attempt an being the in meddling be not should we" because things such "recommend" not ."Afghanistan of affairs were there if aware not was Government the said Abdullah .Afghanistan in fighting already Malaysians through going was Afghanistan attacks, American-led the Besides .Alliance Northern the and Taliban the between war civil escalating an in happening was what with sympathised Malaysia said Abdullah to people our send should we" mean not did this but Afghanistan ."Afghanistan the support to people the for important was it said He to conference Nations United a initiating in effort Government's .terrorism of issue the discuss of definition the on focus should discussion the said He .terrorism and terrorists as to referred be can who at look should It" as to referred be can countries their free to fight the whether .terrorism others, to but, terrorists as referred be would they some, To" .said he "fighters, freedom as referred be would they understand to people the for need a was there said Abdullah .world the facing were that issues to ambassadors Malaysian instructed had Government the said He getting of hope a with countries other in leaders of views the seek .conference the for support their host to willing be would Nations United the hoping also are We" ".conference the an involve should terrorism of problem the overcoming said He .parties all of understanding an need We .country particular one to limited not is It" because terrorism on information of exchange an and understanding their track could we and anywhere found be could terrorists of support the with said Abdullah ".co-operation through movements the holding in succeeding of confident is Government the people, the .conference National Malay United ruling Malaysia's the Meanwhile, should Pas said Mohamed Mustapa chief Information (UMNO) Organisation country the in Muslims of living of standard the improving on focus .Afghanistan to go to them asking instead bn/RR End