Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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journalists foreign attack refugees Afghan Taliban, Taliban and refugees Afghan 1000 About - IRNA 10, Oct Islamabad, Wednesday on (Balochistan) road Quetta-Chaman on Saranan near living proceeding were who photographers and journalists foreign the attacked duties, professional their discharge to Chaman of town border the to .reported PTV state-run been have "Saranan" and "Alizai Pir Jangle" living refugees, The swashbuckling a in Balochistan, in camps refugees' the as serving pelting started they Later .road Quetta-Chmana the blocked mood, .men media foreign carrying vehicles the at stones journalists foreign 30 over were there reports to According a of workers The .Afghanistan bordering Chaman, to proceeding .nationals Afghan the joined also party political men, media foreign the escorting was which squad, police strong A to back men media foreign the brought and rioters the disengaged injured no rendered however, nationals, Afghan by attack The .Quetta .dead or incident the on commenting Balochistan, of Secretary Home The Saranan near procession a out took refugees Afghan that Qeutta in said foreign the found they procession their of course the During .camp started they point that At .Chaman to going caravan journalists' their at stones pelting and foreigners against slogans shouting men media foreign the saved men media escorting policemen vehicles, .Quttea to back them brought and prevent to laws enacted already has government provincial said He to going now are We" .Pakistan of laws the violating refugees these violate to them allow not will we and them against action legal take .added he ,"land of laws the TK/MMZ/JB End