Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghans and US among friends choose to Ummah asks Omar Mulla Wednesday Omar Mohammad Mulla leader Taliban - IRNA 10, Oct Islamabad, oppressed the among friends choose to world the across Muslims asked .America and Afghans the or us support to whether decide must Muslims world The" Pashto BBC the told Omar Mulla ,"war on-going the in States United .service over Muslims world the to message first Omar's Mulla was It the in strikes air American the since channel radio international .Afghanistan war-devastated Radio through Afghans to addressed leader Taliban the Earlier, .Shariat Allah but powerful as herself considers States United The" Allah trust only we and Washington than powerful more is Almighty leader Taliban the ,"Afghans oppressed and poor the help to Almighty .said patronizing are Taliban that allegations American the rejected He .terrorism international sponsoring and terrorists is This .terrorists harboring not are and terrorist not are We" Omar Mulla ,"terrorists us call to States United the of notion the .said production poppy on ban the that announced leader Taliban The its and States United the by attacks the despite intact remain will .Afghans war-stricken the and poor the on allies Western of growing the on ban total a ordered had Omar Mulla year Last .poppies opium the ,"punishment face to have will move the defying Those" .said leader Taliban the of three-quarters about producing been had Afghanistan .enforced was ban the till opium world's TK/MMZ/JB End