Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:acceptable Afghanistan in dispensation political imposed No Musharraf Musharraf Pervez General President Pakistan - IRNA 10, Oct Islamabad, be will Afghanistan in dispensation political imposed no that said has .acceptable relating situation current the on cabinet federal the Addressing he Wednesday on Afghanistan in regime Taliban the against action to the amongst appreciation and understanding clear a found has he said a of installation the facilitate to need the of partners coalition .Afgjanistan in dispensation political based broad the all of representation have must government Afghan future The" demographic their of consideration due with groups ethnic ."composition on leaders world with contacts his about cabinet the briefed He meeting his including Afghanistan in bases terrorist of bombing the he that call telephonic the Minister, Prime British with week last have that events the and Sunday last Bush President from received .followed safe to efforts best Pakistan's despite that regretted He to respond to Taliban the of refusal the action, any from Afghanistan .situation present the in resulted nationality and reason for plea any and US the from assurances received however has he said He and civilians against directed be not would will actions that Britain .lives civilian of loss prevent to made be will effort every that unity, ensuring transition orderly on wishes Pakistan said He that cabinet the informed also He .Afghanistan in peace and stability said He .Pakistan from place taking is or place taken has operation no logistic and space air information, provide to continue will Pakistan .terrorism combat to support all against move will government the said he order, and law On safety and security national said He .swiftly and firmly breakers law .costs all at protected be will people the of will order and law on meeting provincial international an said He provincial the all by attended be will which Thursday, on held be .governors TK/MMZ/JB End