Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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issued ties Iran-China of anniversary 30th marking stamp Memorial of anniversary 30th of occasion the On -- IRNA 10, Oct Beijing, Republic Islamic the between relations diplomatic of establishment the was stamp memorial a China, of Republic People's the and Iran of .Office Post China's by published has envelopes marked with together published is which stamp The .nationwide distributed been marking envelope memorial 'The :reads envelope the of side One .ties' diplomatic Iran-China of anniversary 30th of establishment the of anniversary the marks 2001 16, August .Iran and China between ties diplomatic .50,000 is envelope memorial published the of circulation The Iran and China of flags national the stamp, memorial the Besides of dates two the which under other, each to adjacent printed are .indicated are 2001 16, August and 1971 16, August :flags both above printed is statement following the Also '.relations diplomatic Iran-China of anniversary 30th the mark 'We MP/RR End