Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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tribunal .N.U by confirmed Milosevic against Indictment Tribunal Criminal International Nations United -- IRNA 10, Oct Tehran, charging indictment an confirmed has (ICTY) Yugoslavia former the for and 1991 between Croatia in committed crimes with Milosevic Slobodan .1992 Chief by 27 September on submitted indictment, the to According Milosevic Slobodan yesterday, confirmed and Ponte Del Carla Prosecutor 1991-June August within enterprise criminal joint a in participated non-Serb other and Croat the of majority the remove forcibly to 1992 of Republic the of territory the of one-third about from population state, Serb-dominated new a in include to planned he area an Croatia, (UNIC) Center Information Nations United the by release press a said .Tehran in Republic the of president as Milosevic, that says indictment The over influence substantial or control effective" exercised Serbia, of or alone either and enterprise criminal joint the of participants the substantially or controlled effectively others, with concert in acting Socialist the of Presidency Federal the of actions the influenced Yugoslavia, of Republic Federal the later and Yugoslavia of Republic People's Yugoslav the ,(MUP) Affairs Internal of Ministry Serbian the the in staff (TO) Defense Territorial Serb-run the ,(JNA) Army ".groups volunteer Serb the and territories, relevant and JNA the of comprised forces, Serb that alleges indictment The of control took and attacked units, paramilitary and police TO, local Autonomous `Serbian the in settlements and villages towns, `SAO the and Slovenia', Western `SAO the Krajina`, (SAO)District the to known were they as regions, Srem' Western and Baranja Slavonia, .leaders Serb the with co-operation in forces, Serb the takeover, the After designed persecutions of regime a established authorities, Serb local these from population civilian non-Serb other and Croat the drive to the included regime This .indictment the to according territories, other an Croat of hundreds of murder or killing willful extermination, or confinement unlawful and arrest the and civilians non-Serb other and Croat of thousands of conditions inhumane under imprisonment .civilians non-Serb MP/AH End