Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan in resume deliveries Food again is it that announced has WFP - IRNA 10, Oct Islamabad, second a following Afghanistan, to deliveries aid food resuming .Monday on halt temporary found have and safe, are roads the that reports have We" a "Afghanistan, inside deliveries the make to transport commercial . Wednesday on said Luna, Francesco Islamabad, in WFP for spokesman was aid food of mt 1,000 to mt 700 between that confirmed Luna from Kabul, capital, Afghan the into trucked be to waiting and ready the from light green the for waiting are We" .Pakistan neighbouring be would aid food the that added Luna .said he "office, regional night third a underwent which Kabul, from cities other to dispatched .night Tuesday on strikes air US-led of WFP .Afghanistan in aid food of mt 8,000 about now is There October, 1 on resumed but ago, weeks three over operations suspended reaching Afghanistan, inside mt 14,000 over distributed since has and .people million 7.1 to up air the following Monday on deliveries halted agency food The southern the Jalalabad, of city eastern the Kabul, targeting strikes the and Sharif Mazar-e of city northern the Kandahar, of province .Herat of province western even Monday, on Kabul in arrived aid food of mt 200 of delivery A it transporting vehicles of convoy the stop to tried had WFP though six that estimates UN The .Afghanistan into further moving from aid food of need desperate in be to country the inside Afghans million on dependent totally become and flee might who million 5.1 another and .aid /MMZ/RR End