Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Wednesday's in headlines made which stories news Economic dailies Iranian stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 10, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies Iranian in highlighted were which :ESLAMI JOMHOURI -- taken be should wealth of Generation :Minister Information" "duty sacred a as of group a told Yunesi Ali Hojatoleslam Minister Information generation that officials (MJF) Foundation Janbazan and Mostazafan goal sacred a as taken be should economy national the for wealth of .citizen every of :NOW HAYAT-E -- facilities of lack oppose (Province Golestan) Gonbad in Traders" "republics Asian Central with trade for Gonbad of city Iranian northeastern the in traders of group A with transactions commercial for facilities of lack the protested .colleagues Asian Central consulate- Turkmenistan the of absence the to referred traders The issuances, visa delayed province, Golestan in office general's for government Turkmen the by offered permits traffic inefficient sufficient of lack the and classes training of absence traders, major the as regulations state important and exports with familiarity .republics independent newly the by faced problems trade :EDALAT SEDA-Y-E -- "companies contractor and engineering oil support to ready Majlis" told Afarideh, Hossein Majlis, of Commission Energy the of Head Contractor and Engineering Oil of Association the of seminar first the gas oil, the support to efforts no spare will Majlis that Companies .companies engineering and contractor industries' petrochemical and :KAR-O-KARGAR -- textile of way the in obstacles main among problems Workers'" "Iran in growth industries' of lack and machinery dilapidated said official textiles A exchange foreign lines, production of modernization for facilities problems tariffs, general voluminous shortages, liquidity national and caused have issues cultural of impact negative the and workers with .counterparts world behind lag to industry textile Iranian the :JAM JAM-E -- "rate forex down push will Afghanistan on attacks continued US'" US a that said has Hanifi, Farhad expert, market capital A forex in decline a to lead will Afghanistan on war protracted .stability is rates forex influencing factors the of one because rates :TOSE'E -- "ambiguity in shrouded market oil of Prospects" daily Persian the with interview exclusive an during Experts, .market oil the of future the on views their raised Tose'eh, now is market oil the said experts, the of one Hashemi, Morteza politico-military namely, variables, and factors key two by pressed .economic and depend would prices oil said Sadeqi, Mohammad-Ali expert, Another .war regional on-going the of dimensions the on :HAMBASTEGI -- 3,000 rls than more of import temporary for issued licenses No" "goods worth billion more said Reisi, Organization, Inspectorate General the of Head which and temporarily imported goods of worth billion 3,000 rls than have law applicable the in change the after exported been have should .exported so been not :MELLAT -- "policies wrong of victims units production Textiles" Farshad University, Tabatabaie Allameh at professor economics An the of victim a become has industry textile the that said has Momeni, Giving .problems ample facing is and policies wrong government's Momeni down, closed factories textiles of number the on statistics life new breathe to as so policies its change to government urged .industry the into :NOROUZ -- "year-end by 21 dlrs exceed to not price Oil" prices oil in slump recent the that BBC told expert oil senior A .output their decrease to members OPEC on pressure add will :ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "milk powder of exports in Increase" exported has Company Stock Joint Industries Milk Iranian The 2,044 (21 March started) year Iranian current the of start the since 12 to million, 4.3 dlrs than more worth milk, powdered of tons the Arabia, Saudi Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, namely, countries, and Syria Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Qatar, Algeria, Philippines, UAE, in growth percent 431 and 313 a shows exported volume The .Armenia figures the to compared respectively, value, and weight of terms in .year previous the in period same the for "RESALAT -- "companies EPC up set to aims Ministry Oil" Ahmad Affairs Technology and Engineering for Minister Oil Deputy and Gas, Oil, of Association the of seminar first the told Shafa'at ministry his that Companies Contractor and Engineering Petrochemicals .(EPC) Company Purchasing and Engineering an up set to aims :QODS -- "card forex electronic issuing starts Iran" issuing started time first the for has Bank Melli national Iran's .Trust Melli as known cards, forex electronic :AFTAB -- from loans offer to Government :minister Mines and Industries" "mines of exploitation scientific for allocated budget First" the told Jahangiri Eshaq Minister Mines and Industries Complex Copper Sarcheshmeh in "Exploration Mines Open of Seminar its from funds divert will government the that Tuesday on township of basis the on work exploitation do who those for budget general .principles scientific :ENTEKHAB -- risks admit to power the directors our give Let's :Forouzandeh" "mistakes make to chance the and Mohammad (MJF) Foundation Janbazan and Mostazafan of Head "Security Economic in MJF of Role on Seminar" the told Forouzandeh appreciation is transparency and change for precondition main the that .directors of work the for risks sustain to power with provided be should directors said He .mistakes make to chance the and :AFARINESH -- "billion 5.5 dlrs up surplus balance trade Iran's" year last billion 5.5 dlrs by rose surplus balance trade Iran's the to according billion, 1.13 dlrs at standing 1999, to compared Organization Planning and Management the of Bureau Economics Macro .(MPO) :ABRAR -- "month a in goods of tons million 3.1 handles IRISL" loaded has (IRISL) Lines Shipping Iran's of Republic Islamic The month Iranian the in goods of tons 1,330,890 of total a unloaded and .(22 23-September August) `Shahrivar' of :HAMSHAHRI -- "year this created be to jobs 450,000 :MPO" about said has (MPO) Organization Planning and Management The the with year this created be to going are opportunities job 454,000 .16,031,000 reach to employed those of number :TIMES TEHRAN -- "400m dlrs reach to exports Pistachio" Agriculture the of division pistachio the of manager general The projected are exports pistachio that announced has Ministry Jihad the in million, 400 dlrs at estimated tons, 100,000 reach to .(1380) year calendar Iranian current :NEWS IRAN -- "stores chain Shahrvand in Embezzlement" a in said Council, City Tehran the of member a Asgharzadeh, stores of chain Shahrvand the of employee an that Sunday on speech .documents computerized forging by rials billion two some embezzled BG/LS/RR End