Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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issue Palestinian crisis, Afghan on agree Doha in FMs OIC the of Organization the of ministers Foreign -- IRNA 10, Oct Doha, session emergency an in meeting currently ,(OIC) Conference Islamic agenda their in issues resolve to grounds common at arrived have here, cause, Palestinian the as well as crisis Afghan the include which here said Assefi Hamid-Reza Spokesman Ministry Foreign Iran's .Wednesday to is which resolution draft a on working also are ministers The the" that adding said, he meeting, the of end the at issued be its through proposals many presented has Iran of Republic Islamic ".lobbies extensive extend to need the on reached been has consensus a far Thus" tide to fund a of establishment the people, Afghan the to sympathy the for regret of expression an crisis, current the over them well as (showdown military a avoid to) efforts diplomatic of failure .said Assefi "violence, of rejection Islam's on statement a as reached also has session ministers' foreign OIC extraordinary The regime Israeli racist the for condemnation expressing agreement an West the pit to attacks terror recent the of exploitation its for occupied in atrocities regime's Zionist the as well as Islam against .added he lands, Palestinian innocent of massacre the over concern grave and Recognition" a West, the and Islam between confrontation of threat the people, of prevention as well as terror and Islam between distinction been has consensus a which over points other among are Islamophobia .said Assefi "reached, find to campaign global a pursue to agreed also ministers The it distinguish to and terrorism of issue the to solutions fundamental the "freedom, for struggle Lebanese and Palestinian popular the from .said official Iranian surfaced disagreements some that confirmed however, Assefi, did he which issues of range a over delegations of number a between .disclose not in participated summits such in disagreements of existence The" unanimity is there" adding, said, he "natural, but is countries 60 by ".earlier to referred I which issues the in the by proposed ministers, foreign OIC of meeting emergency The Qatari by morning Wednesday inaugurated was Iran, of Republic Islamic .Ath-Thani Khalifa bin Hamad Sheikh Emir, the in issues critical discuss to order in called was meeting The ago, month a exactly States United the in attacks terror the of wake Sunday started which Afghanistan on strikes military -led.S.U the Palestinian on aggression Israeli continuing the as well as evening, .territories political Iranian high-ranking the heads who Kharrazi, Kamal condemn world the of states Muslim all said meeting, the to delegation be should distinction a that but terrorism, of phenomenon ominous the ".struggles freedom-seeking nationalist," and terrorism between made before resolution final a issue to expected is meeting one-day The .today closing BH/LS/AR End