Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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OIC among procedures travel of simplification proposes Malaysia members Muslim urged Wednesday on Malaysia -- IRNA 10, Oct Lumpur, Kuala promote to tourists Muslim for procedures travel simplify to nations (OIC) Conference Islamic the of Organization the among intra-travel .nations member Tengku secretary-general, ministry tourism and arts culture, Its its forward put will Malaysia said Majid, Abdul Tengku Alaudin conference 2nd two-day the to procedures travel simplify to proposals .Ministers Tourism (OIC) Conference Islamic of Organization of attract to cooperation discuss also would conference the said He .states non-member from tourists and products tourism same the offering are countries the of Most" to us for better be will it So .competition no is there hence said he "states, Islamic in sector tourism the promote to cooperate in meeting officials senior the of session opening the during .here Conference Ministers Tourism OIC 2nd the with conjunction Iran including states, Islamic 28 from representatives 80 Some from ministers 15 while meeting officials two-day the attending are Ministers Tourism the attend to expected are OIC 56-nation the .Friday on beginning Conference, Culture of Minister the by led delegation Iranian five-member A the in participate will Masjed-Jame'i Ahmed Guidance Islamic and .meeting head and minister culture deputy are mission the of members Other Moezzeddin, Mohammad Organization, Tourism and Touring Iran the of training, for minister culture deputy and board tourism the of member the of general secretary Mostofi, Nasrollah planning, and research Reza Mohammad meeting, committee follow-up and conference first minister culture of office the of general director and Abdorrahimi, .Tabesh Ali-Reza department, relations public ministry's the and smart A - Tourism" is conference year this of theme The ".prosperity and solidarity for partnership Arab visiting were people more present at said Alaudin Tengku .states Islamic other than countries the within flow tourist the in imbalance an in resulted had This .said he OIC, countries Arab the to going are many because balanced not is It" .said he "on, so and Umrah for for calls certainly investment and promotion tourism Therefore," and coordinating as well as strategizing and organizing planning, in players and institutions governments, among partnership building .said he "field, tourism the of number increasing seen has Malaysia said Alaudin Tengku attacks terrorist the since countries Asian West from arrivals tourist .11 September on States United the in Arabs, the especially Asians, West these that appeared it said He .Europe or .S.U the visit to wanted longer no still is Malaysia said Alaudin Tengku conference, news a at Later the of wake the in even destination tourism international favored a the in Pentagon the and Center Trade World the on attacks terrorist .month last States United although strong remained Malaysia in industry tourism the said He .arrivals tourist of number the in drop slight a been had there ministry the by interpreted been had downtrend slight this And .attacks the following fear widespread to due situation temporary a as tourism local the of success the attributed Alaudin Tengku and stable politically safe, a as perceived being Malaysia to industry .attractions tourist of terms in offer to lot a with country peaceful million nine registered Malaysia that fact the by proven was This .year the of months eight first the over arrivals tourist a as community international the by seen generally is Malaysia" million 2.10 of arrival the by indicated as country stable and safe last here (billion 7.US$4) billion RM18 almost spent who tourists .year to arrivals tourist more estimating are we fact, this on Based" .said he "year, the of rest the for Malaysia international the of indication another said Alaudin Tengku that fact the was industry tourism local the in faith community's Islamic upcoming the of launching the host to picked was Malaysia .nations 30 of participation with Conference Tourism Countries from tourists drawing on focussing was ministry the that added He .Taiwan and Korea South Japan, India, China, BN/LS/AR End