Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 10, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies NEWS IRAN -- "Afghanistan on attacks to halt for calls Khatami" the to halt a for called Tuesday Khatami Mohammad President human a" to lead could they saying Afghanistan, on attacks -led.S.U .civilians "oppressed" of massacre the and "catastrophe INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "views exchange Solana Kharrazi," of Chief Union's European and Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign a in Solana Javier Affairs Defense and Foreign for Commission in situation latest the discussed Tuesday on conversation telephone .Afghanistan TIMES TEHRAN -- "Mazar-i-Sharif on attacks -led.S.U in killed Hundreds" .S.U of days two the during killed been have Afghans of Hundreds said sources informed Afghanistan, on attacks military British and .Tuesday IRAN -- "start will ground on War" on attacks of night consecutive third the in planes, .S.U reported CNN .Herat and Kandahar in bases Taliban struck Afghanistan, in heard later was artillery anti-craft Taliban of sound the that .cities of number a YAZD AFTAB-E -- "Qatar for heads Kharrazi" for Tuesday on Tehran left Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Iranian ministers foreign of meeting extraordinary an in participate to Qatar on open to set (OIC) Conference Islamic the of Organization the of .(today) Wednesday ENTEKHAB -- "people Afghan for support Global" of wave a Afghanistan, on operations military intensifed Following European and Asian several swept has demonstrations anti-war .countries AFARINESH -- "Afghanistan in held hostages Iranian Seven" school high three including Iranians, seven holding are Bandits in source informed an Afghanistan, within ransom for hostage students, .Tuesday IRNA told Mashhad of city northeastern the QODS -- "Feyzieh Qom's in Wednesday held be to rally Anti-American" School Seminary Feyzieh in Teachers Seminary of Association The the condemned strongly communique, a in Qom, of city central the in of clerics to appealed have and Afghanistan on strikes military .S.U for scheduled rally anti-American an in participate to school the .today RESALAT -- "mess created internationally an Afghanistan on Attack" the said has Rafsanjani Hashemi Akbar Chairman Council Expediency international and political a" is Afghanistan on attack American ".mess HAMSHAHRI -- "started war ground for Preparations" on strikes aerial American of start the after days Four has Pentagon that reported Post Washington daily the Afghanistan, a for forces infantry of number remarkable a dispatch to decided Central and East Middle the to operations military of phase second .Asia EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "fascists are Laden Bin and Bush Both :Makhmalbaf" has who director film Iranian acclaimed an Makhmalbaf, Mohsen .S.U both that said has Afghanistan, in years of number a spent are Laden bin Osama dissident Saudi and Bush .W George President .other each fighting fascists NOROUZ -- "Afghanistan in plan six-prank America's" to intending is .S.U the said have sources Russian High-ranking .stages six in terrorism against fight its out carry HAMBASTEGI -- "Majlis to presented minister interior impeach to Motion" impeach to deputies parliamentary of number a by authored motion A .Majlis in filed been has Mousavi-Lari Abdolvahed Minister Interior NO HAYAT-E -- "Germany to visit six-day Mohajerani's" the of head and minister Guidance Islamic and Culture Former Mohajerani, Ataollah Civilizations, Among Dialogue for Center Iranian .Germany to visit six-day a Tuesday off kicked TOSS'E -- "war military with side by side war Psychological" has America Afghanistan, on attacks .S.U ongoing with Concurrent possible from arising fear counter to campaign propaganda a started his and Laden bin Osama dissident Saudi the by attacks reprisal .group Al-Qaeda ABRAR -- "Afghanistan in operations military backs Council Security" the for support unanimous offered has Council Security UN The Security Afghanistan, against strikes military British and .S.U .said Ryan Richard President Council KAREGAR KAR-O -- "dearly country cost will issues women's to Inattention" here Shojai, Zahra Affairs, Women's for Advisor Presidential officials state if consequences unfavorable of warned Tuesday many to lead could this adding issues, women's ignore to continue .problems social BH/LS/HM End