Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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province Khorasan hit quakes more Two 6.3 measuring earthquakes Two -- IRNA 10, Oct Prov, Khorasan Birjand, of village the hit scale Richter open-ended the on degrees 7.3 and .night Tuesday Birjand of city northeastern the near Gazik, Mashhad, of city capital provincial the of base seismological The University, Tehran of Institute Geophysics the to affiliated and 11:18) time local hours 45:21 and 41:21 at quakes the registered .respectively ,(GMT 15:18 the center, seismological the by released report the to According km 330 and km 340 area an in were tremors two the of epicenter village, Gazik the near somewhere and Mashhad of southeast damage possible on received been yet has report No .respectively .quakes the by inflicted and degrees 2.5 of intensity an with earthquakes two Meanwhile, with border the along regions rattled scale Richter the on degrees 9.3 .Monday early province this in Afghanistan the rocked (GMT 0117) 47:04 at occurred which quake first The caused were casualties No .Khorasan southern in region border Gazik to them forced and residents the among panic sparked quake the but .outside stay and homes their leave 20 by damaged been have region the in units residential 200 Over .quakes two the of result a as percent 100 to with world the in countries quake-prone most the of one is Iran .occurrence daily almost an tremors mild FS/LS/HM End