Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Taliban with shoot-out in injured forces paramilitary Pak Four paramilitary Pakistani the of members Four -- IRNA 10, Oct Islamabad, Taliban, the of fighters with shoot-out a in injuries received force of northwest Line, Durand near Agency Bajaur enter to tried who .Pakistan contingent a that Wednesday on reported News' `The daily local A the of fighters 30-35 of group a stop to tried Scouts Bajaur of province Kunar from Agency Bajaur the entered who militia Taliban .afternoon Tuesday on Afghanistan eastern in Pakistani the on fire opened men militia Taliban intruding The .retaliated also who scouts, couple a for continued fighting that stated further newspaper The .scouts Bajaur of jawans four to injuries in resulting hours, of casuality any However, .soil Pakistani left later fighters Taliban .confirmed be not could side intruders the on report injury or /MMZ/LS/HM End