Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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year this tons 800,000 exceeds production steel Khuzestan's the of production Total -- IRNA 10, Oct ,.Prov Khuzestan Ahvaz, during Plant, Steel Ahvaz the to affiliated Company, Steel Khuzestan reached (21 March started) year Iranian current the of half first the .Tuesday on here said director managing company's the tons, 830,000 the to compared percent 26 of increase an shows figure The" ",(2000 20, March started) year preceding the of rate corresponding had company the year, last that adding IRNA, told Katani Ahmad .products steel of tons 597,600 some produced over produced company the period, six-month the during noted He 15-percent a shows said, ,he which scraps steel of tons million 6.1 .year's last the to compared growth tons million 2.1 some produced it period, same the during Also" the to compared percent 35 of increase an indicating" iron, sponge of ."before year 1945 the with along (Khuzestan of) Plant Steel Ahvaz The of) Complex Steel Mobarakeh the and Mill Steel Isfahan Russian-built in products steel of exporters and producers leading the are (Isfahan .country the RM/LS/HM End