Oct 10, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Wednesday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines Follwoing -- IRNA 10, Oct Islamabad, .10 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ........ Pakistan India, of worries address to Powell * attack US in killed employees NGO Four * Pentagon says expanded, list Target * Islamabad visit may Vajpayee * Taliban down bring to Mazar eyes US * Afghanistan with border closes China * issue Afghan on Pakistan warns family Zahir's * News The ........... bombing night day, under Afghanistan * clash border Pak-Taliban in injured jawans 4 * strikes US to end for calls Khatami * Zaeef :Islam for die to ready Afghans 2m * Pakistan to way on commandos US * home sent be to protests in part taking refugees Afghan * firing police Quetta in killed protesters 4 * Afghanistan inside damage collateral fears Pakistan * Observer Pakistan .................... Afghanistan of stability unity, for Musharraf * ? strike in killed Commander Force Air Taliban * Envoy :Pakistan with ties to importance gives US * FO :Taliban with ties snap to not Pakistan * crash copter UN in killed 9 among Major Army Pak * Post Frontier The .................... 15th on Pakistan in due Powell Colin * Afghanistan in operation relief halts UN * likely elite religious Pak on Crackdown * strikes US backs Council Security UN * forces US join to likely troops Sustralian * Osama Taliban, of assets freezes G-7 * sealed remains border Pak-Afghan * Nation The .............. Zaeef says alive, Omar Osama, * US :Osama capture kill, to hurry No * President :Islam in violence extremism, for room No * Qazi says attacks, ends US till continue to Jehad * Pakistan threatens family ex-royal Afghan * /MMZ/HM End