Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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countries third to Iran transited foodstuffs of tons 654,000 in produced foodstuff of tons 654,000 Some -- IRNA 9, Oct Tehran, last Iran via country third a to transited were countries different Customs Iran's by released statistics to according year, .office Administration goods of tons 979,700 with republics Asian Central year, Last to exported were products food whose countries of list the topped .Iran via countries other Republics Asian Central followed Taiwan and France Kuwait, Brazil, .weight of terms in list the in that billion, 194.3 rls worth foodstuff, of tons 354,300 Moreover, other to exported were .S.U the from Iran to transported were in list the topped goods The .territory Iranian through countries .value of terms the of value total put office Administration Customs Iran's .billion 891.1,566 rls at goods transited BG/AH End