Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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IDP Afghan prospective serve to prepared groups relief Ten Crescent Red Ten -- IRNA 9, Oct ,.prov Sistan-Baluchestan Zahedan, southeastern province, Baluchestan and Sistan in groups aid relief people displaced internally prospective to services provide are Iran, .Afghanistan with border provincial the across(IDP) IRNA told Karimi Society Crescent Red Baluchestan Sistan of Head to prepared fully are five teams, trained 33 Among" Tuesday, here .Afghanistan in people displaced new to aid relief present ".trained being are teams remaining The" added, He across IDP Afghan new the for housing provide To" noted, Karimi built, be to planned are camps two Afghanistan, within border Zabol added, He ".underway currently is camp one at tents installing and ".far so camps the at admitted been yet have refugees no However," Khorassan across planned been have camps more eight Also" said, He ".IDP prospective house to border province's refugee proper construct to made being are efforts that added He Iran, assist to community international the expect we However," .camps ".years several for refugees Afghan hosted has which any received yet not has Society Crescent Red Iran's that noted He .refugees Afghan for agencies relief international from contribution MP/AH End