Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan to deliveries food halt strikes Air temporarily has (WFP) Program Food World The -- IRNA 9, Oct Islamabad, air .S.U following Afghanistan into deliveries aid food suspended .said Huggins Mike spokesman WFP the country, the on strikes said Huggins Mike "risk, at lives people's put to want don't We" were Afghanistan inside companies truck local said He .Tuesday on for difficult increasingly becoming was it that but food, transporting .areas needy most the into drive to them (mt) tons metric 200 of delivery last the that confirmed Huggins Tuesday on Kabul, capital, Afghan the in arrived had aid food of went He .city the on strikes .S.U of round second a following morning, to given be to have would consideration careful that say to on .move next WFP's planning beneficiaries the to rations dry delivering still is WFP However, .October of end the until them sustain to Kabul in bakeries its of on was mt 525 carrying trucks 14 of convoy another said Huggins third a that and Herat, of province Afghan western the to way its of province northern the in arrived safely had mt 400 with convoy .Turkmenistan in supplies pre-positioned from Faryab .Afghanistan with borders all on supplies pre-positioned have We" .said he "this, do to continue will we and option best the is This in NGOs international various with working is agency food .N.U The inside food of mt 8,000 was there Although .time against race a as much as work to continuing were workers aid local and Afghanistan, immense an still was there blackout, communication a under could they .said Huggins food, for need but operations suspended WFP September, 11 of events the After mt 14,000 over distributed since has and ago, week a over resumed .people million 7.1 to up reaching Afghanistan, inside into Afghans of influx major possible a for prepared also has WFP .Afghanistan with border the at stocks food up beefing by Pakistan of [capital Peshawar in biscuits high-energy of mt 154 are There" the on refugees the help to NWFP] - Province Frontier West North the mt 83 another and cross, they when and if arrival, of days few first regional WFP's "Quetta, of city southwestern Pakistan's in same the of .said Mansour Khaled Islamabad, in spokesman affairs public provide to ready is it said has Pakistan in UNHCR Meanwhile, new 100,000 to up for blankets and tents of form the in shelter .arrivals into pour could Afghans million a to up that estimates .N.U The fled who country, the in already million 5.2 the to adding Pakistan, .1979 in Afghanistan of invasion Soviet the during there preparations said Islamabad, in spokesman UNHCR the Hassan, Yusuf Pakistan into 300,000 some of influx initial an for made being were and UNHCR from representatives comprising team A .Iran into 80,000 and of process the in was Refugees Afghan of Commissioner Pakistan's .NWFP the of Areas Tribal the in sites camp inspecting provincial the to return to had had team the said he However, demonstration large a encountering after Monday on Peshawar, capital, protest in held being Afghanistan with border the near Kotal Landi in .strikes air -led.S.U the against the in Afghans for identified been have sites camp 32 of total A one Kurram, in 16 Waziristan, South and North in located are Six .NWFP in three and Dir, Lower and Bajaur in six Area, Tribal Khyber the in the in out marked been had sites five that added Hassan .Chitral .Baluchistan of province southwestern the in situation water the over concern expressed he However, .drought severe ongoing an to subjected been has which province, with work to states neighboring Afghanistan's on called also UNHCR sites adequate and safe suitable, more develop and identify to them .far so offered those than not are sites adequate and safe additional if that fears UNHCR" prepared be not would it quickly, ready made and identified offered, now resources other and financial the despite -- influx large a for .said Hassan "donors, the from flow to beginning a blocked NWFP the in Area Tribal a in people local week Last for out marked site a clearing on work start to out heading bulldozer Tribal Khyber the in site Malkano the at happened This .camp refugee a concern voiced have there people local Peshawar; from km 20 Area, .area their in camp a having about of convoy A .positioned being already is shelter said has UNHCR as tents, 2,700 some carrying Peshawar to way its on is trucks seven to expected is and suppliers, Pakistani from tents 40,000 the of part .soon arrive borders which Baluchistan, in place taking is operation similar A provincial the In .Kandahar of province Afghan southeastern the on be will which in, brought been have tents 660 Quetta, capital, tents 1,000 extra an this, to addition In .800 another by followed .UNHCR to according basis, daily a on Quetta to delivered be will TK/MMZ/AH End