Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Ilam in begins Festival Tourism Tourism on exhibition and festival 16th The -- IRNA 9, Oct Ilam, the Sabz, Chogha in opened Ilam of Civilization the and Attractions .Sunday on park forest city's Daily' `Iran newspaper English-language the of edition Tuesday The portraying works as well as books models, miniature photographs, said province the of attractions economic and social historical, cultural, 10,000 over of area an covers which exhibition the at featured are .meters square Ilam's indicate life tribal of symbols as well as works Ancient utensils household and foot-wear Clothes, potentials, tourism rich .exposition the at displayed also are people tribal by used shrines and buildings religious of models and pictures of Scores local the of values and beliefs religious the of evidence provide among are stories and paintings plays, music, folk Kurdish .people .exhibition the at display on items other the of occasion the on organized been has event five-day The introduce to aims and (2001) Civilizations Among Dialogue of Year .province Iranian western this in attractions tourism BG/AH End