Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan on attack US condemn clerics Muslim in clerics Muslim by statement joint A -- 09,IRNA.Oct Mumbai, Afghanistan against strikes air US-led the condemned has Mumbai .night Sunday on started which of objective the with is action US recent the says statement The of violation in is and person single a on revenge taking .law international Miyan, Mussana Maulana are statement the to signatories The Jamiatul Sunni India All of president Khan, Ali Mansoor Maulana Muslim India All chairman Misbahi, Akhtar Yaseen Maulana Ulema, Mohammad Maulana Academy Raza secretary general and Board Mushavrati .Noori Saeed accused, the against evidence is there If" :says statement The Nations United the of vigilance strict the under tried be should he civilian innocent target to But .accordingly punished be should and ".crime a is observe to Muslims Indian all to appealed have clerics The Friday the after pray and (Prayer of Day) "Dua Yaume" as 12 October and Islam of safety the for and civilians, Afghan innocent for namaz .Aqsa -al Masjid the Qibla- First the IND/RR End