Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:YAZD --AFTAB-E "commission cooperation economic joint form to Switzerland Iran," Economy Swiss and Shariatmadari Mohammad Minister Commerce Iran's the at understanding of memorandum a signed Capouchen Pascal Minister of formation for calls that visit Tehran party's Swiss the of end voiced sides The .Commission Cooperation Economic Joint Tehran-Swiss .investment mutual support and encourage to agreement their *** expansion cane sugar for diverted credit of percent 28 Just" "Khouzestan in project Peripheral and Cane Sugar at Board Managerial the of Member that said has Kashani Karimi Amir-Hossein Company Expansion Industries was billion 2,500 rls approval Council's Credit and Monetary the per the despite but year this industry cane sugar the for allocated be to put been has figure total the of percent 28 just months seven of lapse .disposal company's his at :--AFARINESH "26.20 dlrs to down price Basket weekly OPEC" 26.20 dlrs to declined crudes seven of Basket OPEC's of price The .ago weeks two 97.20 dlrs with compared week, last barrel a Monday, here secretariat OPEC the by released figures to According ,(October 4 Thursday to up) year this far so Basket the of price the .barrel a 59.24 dlrs averaged has :--QODS "plane Iran-made of purchase conditional for ready Homa" buy will Homa that said Keshavarzian Air Iran of Director Managing of investigation technical and economic after planes made domestically .experts its by planes the :--RESALAT "operation into be to soon plant production sneaker First" said has Yousefzadeh Saeed Company Lina of Director Managing into put be to soon is plant production sneaker ever first Iran's .standards international match will products its and operation *** "France to delivery for ready automobile Xantia of batch First" Amir Company Manufacturing Auto Saipa of Manager Export Deputy of batch first the that Sunday on here announced Abu-Talebi Hussein the to delivery for ready is `Xantia' model automobiles Iran-made .Company Citroen French will shipment first the said he correspondents, to Speaking the in France to delivered be to are which automobiles 400 of consist .future near :--ENTEKHAB minerals and ceramics glass, specialized host to Dubai" "exhibition equipment, production ceramics and glass East Middle second The January from Dubai in held be to is exhibition minerals and mines .27-29 *** "year a drink soft of bottles 67 drinks Iranian Each" Ahmad Iran in company production drink soft a of Director Managing in consumption drink soft capita per the said has Haddad-Moghaddam at stands figure the said Haddad-Moghaddam .bottles 67 at stands Iran .Europe in 160 :--TOSE'E "rates global with pace keeps price pistachio Iran's" has Malek Masood Company Agriculture Bonyad Sirjan of Head Acting matches pistachio exported Iranian that Tose'eh daily Farsi the told .price of terms in worldwide marketed product the *** embezzlements banking towards approach political and Transitory" "problems pose will has Azarvash Vali Majlis at Commission Development the of Member oversee can Majlis that (ISNA) Agency News Students Islamic the told all supervise to entitled is it as system banking the of function the in embezzlement prevent to said Azarvash .systems state-run the systems, supervisory and intelligence administrative, banking, .employed be should people reliable *** "wheat import to country the of worthy not It's" Abdolmohammad Majlis at Commission Agriculture the of Member this and imported is food, staple Iran's as wheat, said Eslami Nezam .country the of worthy not is *** "Bushehr via imports and Exports" Bushehr in offices customs supervising of charge in Official the of half first the in that said has Maddadi-Jahromi Ali Province 331.49 dlrs worth goods, of tons 762,008 ,(21 March started) year 316.113 worth goods, of tons 145,409 and exported were million, customs Province's Bushehr via imported were dollars million .offices :EQTESADI --ABRAR-E "Afghanistan on strikes military US-led the by affected TSE" in traded were billion, 101.16 rls worth shares, 3,736,278 Some on (TSE) Exchange Stock Tehran at applicants 860 for turns 2,094 of those while rials 253 to one by rose companies 27 of Shares .Monday too companies 28 of price Share .550 rls to one by decreased others 64 the from resulted yesterday prices share Falling .unchanged remained on .S.U the of strikes morning by caused mechanism demand and supply .soil Afghan *** "goods worth billion 144 rls exports Office Customs Gilan" northern in affairs customs supervising of charge in Office of half first the in that said has Mohammadi Ardeshir Province Gilan including goods, of tons 293,765 ,(21 March started) year the industrial handicrafts, minerals, foodstuffs, products, agricultural exported were billion 957.143 rls worth textiles, and commodities .Kazakhstan and Ukraine Russia, to customs Province's Gilan through :NEWS --IRAN "motion amendment law Check" said has Ghavami Nasser Commission Legal Majlis the of Head The .bill Amendment Law Check the of details the announced has Majlis the will accounts checking bill, the to according that said Ghavami Majlis the that said deputy The .facility credit a as regarded be .week this being to scheduled was motion the on debate :DAILY --IRAN "countries 10 in held be to fair carpet Great" Akbar Companies Exporting Carpet of Syndicate the of Head in open soon will Exhibition' Carpet `Great Iran's said has Harischian .exports promote and markets new identify to countries ten than more :--KAYHAN "privatized be to Yazd in service transportation Bus" suburb and Yazd in Company Transportation Bus of Director Managing prices, ticket bus low about complaining Nakhlband, Mohammad-Hossein fleet transportation bus provincial the project a on based that said other any and services quality low prevent to privatized be would .problems possible :--ETTELA'AT for slated Fair Industry Making Tunnel International First" "November Exhibition Making Tunnel International First the of Director Tunnel Specialized International First Iran's said Jaafari Ahmad where month, next Tehran in held be to is Exhibition Industry Making .part take to expected are companies foreign and Iranian 40 than more *** "down closed be to units production leather Unauthorized" that said has Qanoon Mokhtar Organization Industries of Head the all office General Governor Tehran's of cooperation through .down closed be would units production leather illegal *** mini-lorry and lorry yearly half in increase percent 40" "production (IDRO) Organization Renovation and Development Industries Iran's 37,165 produced companies subsidiary its that statement a in said has .year the of half first the in cars and vans 22,047 and cars Pride the in produced were lorries 450 and tractors 5,673 said IDRO .well as period BG/AH End