Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:--HAMBASTEGI "market regional in defeated been have We :Khamoushi Ali-Naqi" (ECO) Organization Cooperation Economic the of Chamber the of Head Assembly General Chamber's ECO the told has Khamoushi Ali-Naqi ''.market regional in defeated been have ``We meeting, coordinate to body authorized only the said Khamoushi the excluding markets, regional the o entry for effort organizational sector, non-governmental its and ECO the been has Iran, of south ones .Chamber ECO the namely *** ten by up loan Housing :Minister Development Urban and Housing" "rials million on said Abdolalizadeh Ali Minister Development Urban and Housing project housing a of inauguration marking ceremony a of sidelines the by increased has loan housing that Tehran, of west district, Karaj in not is cash the that admitted however, Abdolalizadeh, .million 10 rls .requirements sector's housing the all meet to enough still *** selective Company's Telecommunications criticizes Official" "Policy Privatization with interview an in Keshvarzi Company Kiatel of Director Managing privatization the criticized (ISNA) Agency News Students Islamic the non-profitable the said and Company Telecommunications the of policy profitable the while privatized, are sectors telecommunications .government the by run are sectors :JAM --JAM-E "year this import tea for received license No" IRNA told has Shoja Abdolghaffar Organization Tea Iran's of Head year last late since permit any received not has organization his that .tea importing for license imports whose for tea, of tons 2,500 about just said Shoja .marketed and imported been have year, last obtained been had *** "percent ten up price Sugar" affiliated unit, a of Director Managing Haddad-Moghaddam, Ahmad the to subsidiary a Organization, Foodstuff and Agriculture the to of price that said has (MJF) Foundation Janbazan and Mostazafan year last to compared year this percent ten by increased has sugar .commodities other of prices affect will hike price the said and *** "exports their for subsidies receive to exporters Textiles" Planning and Management the at Department Relations Public recent its in council Economic that said has (MPO) Organization .textiles of exporters to subsidies pay to agreed meeting :--HAMSHAHRI "sit-in stage workers textile 6,000" a at protest in today sit-in a staged nationwide workers Textile protesters The .industries of modernization for Majlis by passed bill and hard concerning law of ratification for calling placards carried .workers for loans housing in raise as well as jobs harmful *** billion 45 rls makes (MJF) Foundation Janbazan and Mostazafan" "industry drinking soft in investment and Financial the of Head Deputy Haddad-Moqaddam, Ahmad producing drinking soft biggest the at Department Administrative invested been far so has billion 45 rls than more that said group company, producing soft-drink biggest the of sectors various in .1999 July since Tehran in MJF, the to affiliated *** "opens Congress Industries Foodstuff" Zare Karim Congress Industries Food 12th the of Vice-Chairman 50 said Zare .9-11 October from held be to is congress the said has .meeting the at presented be will congress to sent articles 270 of out :NOW --HAYAT-E "billion 4.7 dlrs to decreases debts foreign Iran's" (CBI) Iran of Bank Central the at Bureau Studies Economic The 7,393 dlrs to decreased debts foreign definite Iran's that said has Iran's .(21 March started) year the of quarter first the in million balance trade and million 2,248 dlrs reached balance account current .period the in million 2,315 dlrs to *** "year a meat of kg 11 consumes citizen Tehrani Each" Office Tehran Organization's Veterinary the of General Director Tehran in consumption meat capita per said has Hassani Hossein meat capita per the that IRNA told Hassani .kgs 11 at stands Province .kg 28 at stands worldwide consumption :--MELLAT "sector's industry exceeds consumption energy Household" Productivity Energy Iran's at Department Technical the of Director the of sidelines on IRNA told Zarbakhsh Mohammad-Hassan Organization on based that Management Consumption Energy on Seminar First exceeds household the by consumption energy the available, statistics 24 has sector industry the said It .sector industry the of that transportation percent, 29 sector commercial and household percent, share percent 25 plants power generation power and percent 22 sector .Iran in consumption energy of amount total in :ROUZ --SIASAT-E "association of article Bank's Cooperatives approves CBI" Bank Cooperatives the of Board Founding the of member A of Bank Central the that IRNA told Javadi Amin Seyed Hojjatoleslam association of article Bank's Cooperatives the welcomed has (CBI) Iran .structuring bank's the for underway are efforts and *** "opens Seminar Transportation Specialized Iran's" at inaugurated been has seminar transportation specialized Iran's for strategies present to Province Ardebil of Hotel Darya transportation the of renovation and fleet cargo of modernization .companies :KARGAR --KAR-O transportation in fleet transportation surface of share in Rise" "goods imported of the at Department Technology Information the of General Director said Behrouz Hojjatollah Organization Terminals and Transportation tons 134,000 transported has fleet transportation surface Iran's that the of months four first the in commodities non-oil imported of to compared increase percent 50 than more shows which figure a year, .year previous the period same the within figure same the *** natural with provided be to Province Azarbaijan East in cities 40" "gas Province Azarbaijan East in Company Gas of Director Managing be will there Tabriz, of parts certain excluding that said has Sazdar province Iranian northwestern in facilities gas urban with problem no laid be will pipelines gas said Sazdar .winter this Azarbaijan East of .billion 120 rls of cost a at kilometers 610 in down :EDALAT --SEDA-Y-E workforce dispatch to Iran :Minister Affairs Social and Labor" "abroad that said Hosseini Mansoor Minister Affairs Social and Labor The abroad workforce of dispatch for plan the follow to is ministry his Plan Development Economic Five-Year Third the of 53 article per .(2000-2005) *** "Zones Trade Free Iranian in branches up set to banks Foreign" Commerce quoted Ministry Commerce at Office Relations Public Minister Economy Swiss telling as Shariatmadari Mohammad Minister Economic Five-Year Third the per that recently Capouchen Pascal of establishment for enforced been has plan the Plan Development .(FTZs) Zones Trade Free Iranian in banks foreign *** "inaugurates unit production iron sponge 800,000-ton" Steel Khouzestan at Department Relations Public the of Head of tons 800,000 of production for project a said Saee Rasool Company .tentatively operation into put been has year a iron sponge :--NOROUZ "months 18 in record highest hits price Gold" following that article an in said has Norouz daily Farsi The on price gold Afghanistan, on strikes military -led.S.U the of start .months 18 past the over record highest its hit markets global the dlrs by rose gold of ounce each for price Kong Hong in that said It too markets European the In .75.292 dlrs to amounting dollars, 25.1 .ounce per 75.293 dlrs reached increased price gold *** "Airport Khomeini Imam of inauguration for date specific No" ITAN told has Keshavarzian Airlines Homa of Director Managing Khomeini Imam of inauguration for date exact the that magazine .clear yet not is Airport BG/AH More