Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran northeastern in kidnappers armed arrest Police northeastern the in Police -- IRNA 9, Oct province, Khorasan Mashhad, network, armed an of members two arrested have province Khorasan department police provincial civilians, kidnapping in involved .Tuesday reported the fled had who gang three-man a of members were two The city the in clash armed an in Corps Guards Revolution's Islamic the the in killed been had bandit first The .ago month a Fariman of .clash Mashhad in car his with driver 60-year-old a kidnapped had They regional to fled and man the released later had bandits The .March in .car a in mountains bandits the of one after came said, report the arrest, The .ago week a accomplice an with himself surrendered automatic an with Monday on Quchan in arrested was third The .ammunition some and rifle for hostage region the in civilians hold usually bandits Armed .sellers drug as use for or ransom Khorasan the in villages 1,100 of residents the armed have Police .attacks the repel them help to move a in province international the of crossroads the on lies Republic Islamic The .transfers drug intercepting in role important an plays and trade drug international lukewarm and funding insufficient to due However, .unabated continues trafficking drug international cooperation, lost have forces armed other and police Iranian 3,100 than More .years 22 past the in fight anti-drug fierce the in lives their BH/RR End