Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan on attacks to halt for calls Khatami Tuesday here Khatami Mohammad President -- IRNA 9, Oct Tehran, which Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U the to halt a for called "catastrophe human a" to lead could they saying evening, Monday began .civilians "oppressed" of massacre the and a entering are which strikes military the to Referring and terror fight to way proper a not is This" :said he day, third ,(attacks the of purpose the in) will good exists there If .terrorists of availed be should world the in prevailing atmosphere suitable the a told he "phenomenon, evil an against fight crucial this in .country the of parts different from leaders prayer of group fight announced have and terror shun Christianity and Islam" to victims fall not should people innocent However, .it against .said he "pretext, this on violence and aggression crime a of cost the pay not should people Afghan oppressed The" .added Khatami "elsewhere, committed people Afghan the support to had Republic Islamic the said He .atrocities Taliban the to pray fallen have that with relations our how and is policy our what of Regardless" oppressed the support should we that require rules moral are, America others crimes the of because aggression under come have who people .said Khatami "committed, have created have who forces ruthless and ignorant of existence The" have who and Afghanistan in trafficking drug and war fear, violence, Afghan noble the of helplessness the indicates abroad them exported .added president Iranian the "people, terrorism, against campaign international an for called He its and religion of name the in crimes their justify who those saying .with dealt resolutely be should sanctities dealt and identified be should is, he whoever criminal, A" has it but point, this on doubt no be can There .accordingly with terrorism of roots real the with fight to possible still is and been participation the with and resolve international an with violence and .said Khatami "peace, real a and freedom justice, favor who those of the" saying crisis, moral the on developments recent blamed He the of indicative is terrorism of phenomenon evil and detestable clutches the in good of defeat the and world the in decadence moral ".powers profiteering and politics of the to humanity awake should world the in developments Latest" through either crime, commits person amoral An .pain of causes .said Khatami "victimized, get people innocent and war, or terror various from world the engulfs terror and war to leads war When" with gap a sign a is there beings, human victimize which atrocities .said philosopher-president the "exists, morals to organizations international and world the to appealed He the for life peaceful and comfortable a for provide" to mobilize ".people Afghan oppressed saying Afghanistan, in government imposed an out ruled Khatami .fate their determine to people Afghan the to up only was it .Afghanistan on imposed one be not should government next The" and groups ethnic all of participation the with people, Afghan The .said he "fate, their determine to ones the be should tribes, to lead only could deviation any and clear is road The" .added he "problems, of government legitimate the for support Iran's reiterated Khatami government legitimate a is there Today," saying, Rabbani, Burhanuddin and Nations United the in representatives has which Afghanistan in ".countries other BH/LS/RR End