Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Iranian in Headlines News Economic making news economic major are following The -- IRNA 9, Oct Tehran, :press Iranian of pages economic in headlines :ESLAMI --JOMHOURI its on based protocol compile to ready Iran :Minister Commerce" "Organization Trade World the join to interests national Economy Swiss told Shariatmadari Mohammad Minister Commerce World the to membership Iran's case in that Capouchen Pascal Minister Council, General WTO the by approved is (WTO) Organization Trade organization the join to procedure the follow to ready be will Iran .interests national guarantee will that protocol a on based **** for license have to East Middle the in country only the Iran," "Europe to aquatics of export that said has Motallebi Abbas Organization Veterinary the of Head for permit the have to East Middle the in country only the is Iran is organization his that said Motallebi .Europe to seafood of export as well as seafood the of quality control to body authorized sole the .poultry and products animal *** "Iran through Europe and Syria join to India" Pour-Seyyed Company Trains Passenger RAJA of Director Managing railway Kerman-Zahedan of construction following that said Aqaie Iranian via Euro and Syria to go can passengers Indian and Pakistani between ties cultural expand will railway the said Aqaie .territory visit pilgrimage facilitate and Pakistan as well as India and Iran .Iran in sites holy to people Pakistani and Indian the by *** bring fluctuations rate Forex :Bank Sepah of Director Managing" "Iran on shocks economic about since that said Shirabi Ali-Reza Bank Sepah of Director Managing country, the on shocks economic deal fluctuations exchange foreign enforce and available facilities use should government therefore, the in decrease for ground the prepare to as so policies proper .conditions economic improve and fluctuations *** "quake against resistant not Tehran in buildings of Majority" Province Tehran in Organization System Engineering the of Head the of portion major still that Monday on IRNA told Adab Baha'oddin .quake against resistant not are city capital the in lying buildings --ABRAR "Europe to milk export to Iran" said has Motallebi Abbas Organization Veterinary the of Head and Europe to rawhide of export for adopted been have measures that .well as milk of export for underway are efforts *** "Isfahan in open to Fair Industries Steel International" Association Steel and Iron Iran's of Board Directors the of Head Industries Steel International Third the said has Najafizadeh Abbas of Fairgrounds Permanent International the at held be to is Exhibition Iranian 300 and foreign 460 said He .14-18 January from Isfahan .fair the attend to far so invited been have companies *** branch a of establishment says Kazakhstan to Ambassador Iran's" problems monetary remove to necessary is Kazakhstan in Bank Melli of "Iranians of at said Saffari Morteza Kazakhstan to Ambassador Iran's foodstuff Iran-Italy-Kazakhstan of inauguration marking ceremony a between transactions of volume that recently Almaty in market, common stressed Saffari .billion 500 dlrs reach will Kazakhstan and Iran remove to Kazakhstan in Bank Melli of branch a of inauguration Iranian that hope expressed and Iranians of problems financial .end that to measures necessary adopt will government *** "sector housing in increase to Investment" is sector housing the in investment of growing average The Economic Five-Year Third the in percent 10.2 be to predicted quantitative on table a to according ,(2000-2005) Plan Development .Plan Third the of goals *** be to Complex Steel Mobarakeh of expansion for Project" "years three next by operational said Eslamian Mahmoud Complex Steel Mobarakeh of Director Managing historical near Complex Steel Mobarakeh of expansion for project the under years three next the by complete be to going is Isfahan of city .billion 1,000 rls plus euros million 300 than more of credit a steel complex's the of capacity production project, the to According .tons million 4.2 from tons million three to rise will unit production *** "worldwide safest caviar Iran's" Iran's on Research for Institute International the of Head Iran research, a on based that said Pour-Kezemi Mohammad Sturgeons caviar healthiest and safest the having for worldwide first stands .flesh sturgeon and *** of problems taxation remove to Ministry Finance and Economy" "producers movie Ministry Finance and Economy the at Department Relations Public and Union Producers' Movie the of officials that announced has to week next meeting a attend to are Ministry Finance and Economy the .producers movie the of problems taxation into probe BG/HM More