Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 9, Oct Tehran, :Tuesday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "attacks blasts Leader" Khamenei Ali Seyyed Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader .Afghanistan against attacks military .S.U the denounced Monday on NEWS IRAN -- "baseless racist, assertions Hussein's Saddam calls Assefi" rejected Monday Asefi Hamid-Reza spokesman Ministery Foreign Iran to pertaining Hussein Saddam President Iraqi by made assertions ".baseless" as Iranians and INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "countries other strike could it warns .S.U" launch could it that world the warned has States United The overnight of days two after countries other against strikes military it attacks terror the against retaliation in Afghanistan of pounding .Monday said diplomats month, last suffered TIMES TEHRAN -- Afghan innocent on attacks .S.U slam demonstrators of Thousands" "people night Sunday the condemned worldwide demonstrators of Thousands of forces British and American by attacks morning Monday and human a to lead would they saying Afghanistan, in centers strategic .people Afghan innocent of massacre the and tragedy TOSE'EH -- "reprisal American of victim Afghans," out running is time that said has (UNICEF) Fund Children's UN The the of light in refugees Afghan for efforts humanitarian on .winter approaching YAZD AFTAB-E -- "actions? American current question to entitled not world the Is" Ali Seyed Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader Supreme over all from leaders prayer Friday with meeting a during Khamenei, against fight its for justification '.S.U the rejected country, the its is strikes military the behind goal main the said and terrorism, .world the of countries over hegemony its expand to desire ENTEKHAB -- "Rafsanjani Hashemi :terrorism stem not will Violence" here Rafsanjani Hashemi (EC) Council Expediency the of Chairman Afghanistan, on attacks reprisal US-led recent the at out hit Monday merely it that and terrorism uproot never can violence saying .casualties human causes and conflict reinforces AFARINESH -- "minister trade :WTO join to ready is Iran" Organization, Trade World the join to readiness expressing Iran, on protocol WTO a of requirements the with comply to ready is it says national Republic's Islamic the meets says its which membership .interests QODS -- "Kashmar in killed bandits 16" various during killed were bandits 16 said police Provincial Ten .year last Kashmar of city border northeastern the in encounters police the arrested, others five and injured reported were others .added RESALAT -- "prestige remaining its retain to seeking America" currently and minister foreign Iranian former Velayati, Akbar Ali playing is .S.U the that Monday said Leader, Supreme the to advisor an eventually will and Afghanistan attacking by sentiments Muslims' with .quagmire Afghan the in stuck get HAMSHAHRI -- American at put be to not ground and sea airspace, Iranian" "disposal Iran that Monday reporters told Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign American by used be to sea and ground airspace, its allow not will .Afghanistan on attacks coalition -led.S.U the in forces IRAN -- "land devastated on burning still Fire" American the of phase second the on reporting television, BBC the that said night, Monday started which Afghanistan on attacks operations new of resumption the indicated anti-aircraft of sounds .lull of hours several after EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "Kandahar flee Laden Bin Omar, Mulla" and Omar, Mohammad Mulla group, Taliban hardline the of leader The bin Osama ,.S.U the on attacks 11 September the in suspect prime the .destination undisclosed an for Kandahar fled have Laden, KAREGAR KAR-O -- "prestige lost recover to seeking is America" Yahya-Rahim Corps, Guard Revolutionary Islamic elite the of Chief Afghanistan on strikes military .S.U the that Monday said Safavi, .prestige lost its recover to desperate is it shows NOROUZ -- "Italy northern in dead 114 leaves collision Plane" on Airport Linate Milan's in killed were people 114 least At take-off, for preparing jet, (SAS) Airlines Scandinavian a when Monday demonstration a for preparing plane Cessna small a into crashed .flight MELLAT -- the at but republic a be to claim to impossible is It" "opinion people's disregard time same to need the stressed Monday here Khatami Mohammad President political encourage that factors the find to research a conduct the including society in cooperation and security national rivalry, .public the to links their as well as parties of role NO HAYAT-E -- "Isfahan visit to Leader Supreme" Ali Ayatollah Revolution, Islamic the of Leader Supreme The October, late Isfahan of city historical the visit to is Khamenei, .revealed Mousavi Jaafar Governor-General Isfahan HAMBASTEGI -- "phone on FM Lebanese with talks Khrrazi" Lebanese his with discussed Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign regional latest the Monday on phone by Hammud, Mahmud counterpart, extraordinary upcoming an of agenda the as well as developments Islamic the of Organization the of ministers foreign of session .(OIC) Conference BH/LS/HM End