Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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press UK from Headlines UK the in appeared headlines following The -- IRNA 9, .Oct London, :Tuesday on press Guardian The * Iraq on attack at hints US as on goes Bombing - Kandahar and Kabul against strikes air of wave New - targeted be may states other UN tells America - own their dead shoot police Arafat - freed journalist British - outbreak anthrax investigates FBI - Telegraph Daily The * years' take could war `This - attacks of day Second - next hit be may Iraq - erupt protests Muslim - fast prison of tells journalist Released - Blair warns reprisals, terror of risk at Britain - begin raids as front the to drive `commuters' Taliban - Independent The * on goes pounding the :two Day - targets Afghan on strikes of wave new launches US - `enemies' other to extend may campaign say Allies - Pakistan rock protests anti-US as battle Gun - Taliban by freed reporter British - news' band bury to attack `Use :e-mail ministry Secret - people 118 kills runway Milan on collision Aircraft - Times Financial * night second for targets military at strikes US - Railtrack of collapse over sue may Investors - spending health in rise for need show to review Treasury - strategy break-up to end signals BT - war to apologise to China to flies Koizumi - Times The * Iraq on sights turns America - cities Afghan on raids of night Second - scare anthrax after alert security US - Kabul to road reinforce tanks Taleban see I - journalist releases Afghanistan - KS/KS End