Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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UK in petition anti-war sign 46,000 (CND) Disarmament Nuclear for Campaign The - IRNA 9, .Oct London, since momentum huge a gaining is Britain in movement anti-war the says 46,000 with Afghanistan, on strikes US-UK joint of launch Sunday's .action military against petition a in collected already signatures from groups diverse of range wide a includes movement anti-war The political of variety a from pacifists, to unionists trade and academics from campaigners, anti-globalisation to organisations .groups religious to writers an with coincide to parliament outside vigil a organised CND the Stop formed recently the while night, Monday on debate emergency country, the around cities many in protests staged coalition War .Newcastle and Birmingham Glasgow, Manchester, London, including Park Hyde London's in organised being is demonstration national A CND a in part taking 3,000 than more follows It .Saturday this reprisals military against protest in ago, weeks two demonstration .US the in attacks month's last for military that night Monday warned Hudson Kate CND of Vice-chair in raids bombing Punitive" .attacks terrorist stop not would action the bring not will injured and killed are civilians which .said she "justice, to 11 September of perpetrators on attacks missile the described coalition War the Stop legal, accepted all outside wholly war of acts" as Afghanistan ".norms civilised and democratic include protests anti-war the for support offering figures Public its pledged also has Party Green The .MPs Labour left-wing several .protests the in momentum the maintain to commitment HC/KS End