Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Tuesday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines following The -- IRNA 9, Oct Islamabad, :9 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn Musharraf :targeted camps terrorist Only * action military widening of warns US * violent turns rally Quetta as dies One * detained Tariq Azam Haq, Samiul * Vajpayee invites Musharraf * Zaeef :fail to doomed strikes US * cabinet resolves back, fight to Taliban * News The targets Afghan hit again planes US * states other strike may it says Washington * Pakistan by seized copters Taliban Three * India with resumption talks' for Pakistan * Pakistan to reporter British escort Taliban * Quetta in office UNICEF burn Protesters * Nation The attack US fresh in destroyed airport Jalalabad * dialogue for Vajpayee invites Musharraf * protests countrywide evoke attacks US * Musharraf says targeted, short, be to action US * Taliban join to ready Hundreds * jihad declares Osama * attacks more fearing flee residents Kabul * Post Frontier The crash plane Italy in killed 114 * Pakistan rock Protests * Rumsfeld :successful' `very attacks night's First * consequences grave of US threaten Taliban * Peshawar in out called Troops * closed border Pak-Afghan * Observer Pakistan planes US four downing claim Taliban * normal seems Kabul * bases UK US, target to threaten Taliban * strikes US Sunday's in injured 81 killed, 37 * Kharrazi says intentions, US doubts Iran * attack US to backing qualified gives China * /MMZ/LS/HM End