Oct 9, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Vajpayee to speaks Musharraf Musharraf Pervez General President Pakistan -- IRNA 9, Oct Delhi, New two the said and Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime India's to spoke region, the in tension heighten to anything do not should countries .India of Trust Press said since first their was night Monday Vajpayee with talk Musharraf's bluntly leader Indian The .Afghanistan on strikes launched .S.U the perpetrators capture to nothing done had Islamabad that Musharraf told .Kashmir and Jammu in violence of which leaders two the between talk telephone 15-minute the During had India that Musharraf told Vajpayee ,(time local) 9pm around began always has and region the in tension escalate to anything done never .said here sources official peace, for been Vajpayee but India with dialogue for stood Pakistan said Musharraf the talks, for been always has India while that saying by responded on unfocussed remains Pakistan if meaningful be cannot exercise .PTI adds Kashmir, in relations bilateral their develop should Pakistan and India the aspects, multifarious its consideration into taking totality .said sources Afghanistan in strikes coalition -led.S.U the as Meanwhile, President Russian to spoke Vajpayee night, second a into continue foreign The .region the in situation developing the on Putin Vladimir .other each to spoke also Russia and India of ministers IND/LS/HM End