Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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phone over talk counterpart Afghan Kharrazi, telephone a in Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign -- IRNA 8, Oct Tehran, discussed Abdallah Abdallah counterpart Afghan his with conversation tabled be to topics the and Afghanistan in developments latest the Islamic the of Organization the of session forthcoming the in .(OIC) Conference Foreign the of Department Information and Press the to According called Kharrazi with talks his in Minister Foreign Afghan Ministry, while Afghanistan in established be to government broad-based a for .campaign anti-terrorism the for support their giving have they sympathy the for peoples Muslim the praised Abdallah the by taken position the said and people Afghan the to shown the reinforced has terrorism against fight the on states Islamic .fate their determine to people Afghan the of hopes their and people Afghan the for respect the stressed Kharrazi .future in fate own their determine to right to aid humanitarian the of provision the discussed sides two The .organizations international the by people Afghan the is Iran earlier said Ebrahimi Hassan Official Ministry Interior the to refugees Afghan the to aid relief international convey to ready .Afghanistan with lines border the on up set has it camps inside deep km 10 to two located camps refugee the that said He Iran by offered supplies water and food with provided are Afghanistan inside camps refugee the up set has Iran .agencies aid the and .added he refugees, more admit to not decided it because Afghanistan, and off sealed completely is Afghanistan with borders Iranian refugees Afghan the to assistance humanitarian delivers Iran therefore camps refugee The .purpose the for erected already camps eight the at United the with coordination in built been have lines border the along their from fleeing refugees Afghan the help to agencies relief Nations .homes of tens host to capacity the have camps refugee the that said He another build to planned has Iran that adding refugees of thousands from fleeing Afghans The .province Baluchestan and Sistan near camp Iran, with areas border the at arrived have attacks missile .S.U the .noted he 2,355,427 whom of Iran in living are refugees 2,563,827 Currently the to assistance international for called He .said he Afghans, are are means transport and airports the that said and refugees Afghan Afghans the to aid relief humanitarian convey to Iran in available Taibad of town border the near Dougharoun of point border the through .province Khorasan in HB/JB End