Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Taliban :comfort in sleep not now would Americans Salam Abdus Mulla Pakistan, to envoy Taliban - IRNA 8, Oct Islamabad, enemy an down shot has artillery Taliban that disclosed has Zaeef .Kabul on attack night last the during plane that said he here, Monday on conference press crowded Addressing are there that claimed he while confirmed been has this about news .planes three down shooting of reports to lead would attacks these that warning of note a sounded He could Afghans that urged and States United the for results dreaded said He .hi-tech of power and attacks such with frightened be not sleep to able be not would they that forget should Americans no that .comfort in terrorism worst the as Britain and US by attacks these termed He .targeted been have Afghans unguarded attacks these with because dreams its materialized get to out is States United the that said He .activities illegal to resorting by aspirations and attack is Afghanistan on attack that added envoy Taliban The the challenged has US the step this with and Ummah entire the on .community Muslim entire the of irony is it and attacked being are Afghans that said He .attacked are they why to as unaware are they that fate failed but Afghanistan invaded Britain once that said Zaeef luck his test to tried Union Soviet the power, super another again and enslave to wants States United the now and humiliated got but .fiasco in end would attempts its all that said he but Afghans it that States United the by misconception is it that said He bravery their for known are Afghans .Afghans enslave to able be would total and lives their sacrifice can they that all to known is it and .said he independence, their on bargain cannot but assets their on bargain not would Afghans that added envoy Taliban The a write would Afghans that said He .resources and wealth for honour The .cost all at religion and freedom their defend would and history this despite but places several at attacks launched States United to muscles their flexing are they now and spirit high in are Afghans .Zaeef said evil, of forces to blow swashing a cause troubled in fish to tries Alliance Northern case in that added He not would US of attacks these as fallacy in be would they water, .forces alliance the benefit fact this of testimony is Afghanistan of history that said He has it Afghanistan invade to tried has power alien any whenever that against united become Afghans case this in as humiliation suffered .enemy joint their he that and hearty and hale is Laden bin Osama that claimed He been has it that said He .attacks the after interview given even has area Farah in down brought been has plane American an that confirmed more three of downing of reports are there that added while .planes TK/MMZ/JB End