Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Isfahan visit to Leader Supreme Revolution Islamic the of Leader Supreme The -- IRNA 8, Oct Isfahan, late Isfahan of city historical the visit to is Khamenei Ali Ayatollah .Mousavi Jaafar Isfahan of General Governor to according October, meet will Leader the city the in stay his during the said Mousavi martyrs of families bereaved the including people, local with industrialists elite, the youth, the clergy, and ulama as well as .workers and provincial a visit also will Khamenei Ayatollah that said He council administrative provincial of meeting a attend and exhibition .centers military at held be to ceremonies special as well as provincial to visit a pay also might Leader the that added He .cities agricultural of ministers the including members, cabinet Certain energy, development, urban and housing mines, and industries jJihad, ,(DoE) Environment of Department the of heads as well as health, and accompany will (MPO) Organization Planning and Management the of and .Isfahan to visit his in Khamenei Ayatollah high of be will province the to visit Leader's the said Mousavi in prevailing conditions sensitive existing the given importance .world the stances explicit Leader's the US, the in events recent said He international in Iran to approach and events those towards .visit the of sensitivity the to add will relations BG/RR End