Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan on attacks .S.U on commission Majlis briefs Kharrazi Monday here Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign -- IRNA 8, Oct Tehran, a Commission Policy Foreign and Security National Majlis' presented .region the in developments recent on position Iran's on report for called unanimously members Commission the and Kharrazi urged and terrorism, condemning in policy foreign active an pursuing .phenomena this fight to communities international the the that said Koulaei Elahe spokeswoman, commission's the However, its implemented fully had Iran that Kharrazi with disagreed commission .developments the to regard with capability and potential that stated had today conference press a in earlier Kharrazi human prevent to best its done had apparatus diplomatic Iran's .Afghanistan in casualties targeted be not should population civilian the that stressed He that out pointed and Afghanistan, in underway now operations the in 'one that declared frequently had Iran channels, different through .crisis' human another by followed be not must crisis human his in spokesman, ministry foreign Iran's why reason the was That" attacks 's.S.U qualified had strikes night's last to reaction initial .said he 'unacceptable', as Afghanistan on for .S.U the blasted Kharrazi conference, same the at Also serving as them described and Afghanistan, on attacks the conducting the not was civilians harming that remarked He .purposes undefined .terrorism fight to way the to lead not will strikes the that concerned are We" extremist promote further they rather terrorism, of elimination .Kharrazi said "ideas, to indifferent be cannot Iran that reiterated minister foreign The satisfied not is Iran that commenting while Afghanistan of future the .country war-torn the in developments the with Iran, into Afghans of exodus mass the over concern expressed He Iran support to had community international the and .N.U the said and .refugees the for shelter providing in of meeting Wednesday's this of importance the highlighted He (OIC) Conference Islamic the of Organization the of ministers foreign in role its play to has world Muslim the that stressed and Doha, in .terrorism uprooting recognizes Iran that reiterated Kharrazi remarks, his in Elsewhere of government official the as government Rabbani's Burhanuddin former from delegation a that reports the rejected He .Afghanistan .leaders Iranian meet to was Shah Zahir monarch Afghan interim an as acts cabinet Rabbani's that maintains Iran" the under office takes state elected democratically a until government .said he "Nations, United the of supervision us with not is 'Whoever remarks Bush's .W George rejected Kharrazi not do who many be may There" said, and terrorists' the with is .Afghanistan on attacks its in .S.U the with agree necessarily favor in not are we but ways, different in countered be can Terrorism .minister foreign Iranian the said "actions, military of AA/AH End