Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan on attacks military .S.U condemns Leader Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader -- IRNA 8, Oct Tehran, on attacks military .S.U the condemned Monday on Khamenei Ali Seyed .people defenseless its and Afghanistan the throughout from leaders prayer Friday with meeting a In for justification .S.U the rejected Leader Supreme the country, the behind goal main the that said and terrorism against fighting its other over domination of expansion and hegemonism is action military .world the of parts silent keep might countries other although that reality a is This long the in policy .S.U the to bow not will they run, short the in .said Leader Supreme the run, by world the in model a set to going is States United The" of pretext the under country one against action military taking in terrorists notorious been have There .suspects several arresting been action an such had when but world, the of parts different .questioned Leader Supreme the "past? the in taken of people several accused have (officials .S.U the) They said, Leader the ,.S.U the in attacks terrorist the in involvement action military taken have and judge a like acted They that adding the on issued they sentence the out carry to country a against attacks missile to people Afghan the exposed have also They .suspects .said Khamenei Ayatollah bombardment, and world from expectations unjustified have officials .S.U The" .terrorists the with is us, with not is whoever that said and peoples illogical and false these to reacted has opinion public the But, .said Leader Supreme the "words, attacks terrorist the condemned fairly community world The" Americans the but, States, United the in people innocent the against happened ever has event an such no if as way a in issue the with deal .said Khamenei Ayatollah "world, the in elsewhere Iran in events terrorist of series a recalled Leader Supreme The Gulf Persian the over plane passenger Iranian an of downing including the of explosion 1988, in Vincennes' 'USS warship .S.U the by government 72 martyring 1981 in headquarters Party Republic Islamic office presidential the at blast bomb subsequent and officials Javad Mohammad Minister Prime and Rajaie Mohammad President martyring .Bahonar have people Palestinian the that decades several for is It" In .attacks terrorist regime's Zionist the of target the become the of target the been have people Lebanese the too, Lebanon the in reaction any shown not has .S.U the Why .attacks terrorist Muslim the whether is question the Now .attacks terrorist the of face military .S.U the before mark question a put to right the has World .said Leader Supreme the Afghanistan, against action the for regime Zionist the and .S.U the blamed Leader Supreme The occupied the in situation the and Afghanistan in war of state world the to explain should States United the that said and Palestine Afghanistan, on war a waged has it authority which under peoples the forcing and bombs and missiles with people Afghan the targeting .homes their flee to people Afghan now? right people Afghan the to happening is what knows Who" overcome and people Afghan the of plight the see can Muslim Which Afghanistan in situation current the that possible it Is emotion? his the "action? military American the to opposition any entail not will .questioned Leader Afghan the against action military British and American The" These .nature cruel and violent their again once indicate people he "protest, to nations other for right a regard not do governments .said Department's State .S.U the at scoffed Leader Supreme The freedom Palestinian the and Lebanon of Hezbollah putting in action as it terming organizations, terrorist of list its on fighters .ridiculous SS/RR End