Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Vietnam in factory helmet builds firm S-backed.U began enterprise US-owned wholly A -- Pulse IRNA-Asia 8, Oct Hanoi, to 4 .Oct on factory million 9.1 dollars US a on work construction .climate tropical a to adapted helmets motorcycle produce a ,(VSPEC) Company Equipment & Products Safety Vietnam The year this earlier license a won firm, US eponymous the of subsidiary .children at aimed mostly products, safety of variety a manufacture to be will initially, workers 90 employee to expected factory, The .Zone Industrial Bai Noi the in Hanoi of outskirts the on located .City HCM and Nang Da for envisioned are factories Future sizes head Vietnamese in designed been have helmets tropical The .festival Tet traditional the by launched be will and helmets tropical to introduced first were consumers Vietnamese 's(AIPF) Foundation Prevention Injury Asian the during year, last .campaign Kids for Helmets Vietnam in usage motorcycle of growth phenomenal the of Because more of rate a at dying are Vietnamese young years, 10 past the over .trauma head of result a as mostly day, per 25 than with helmets, wear riders motorbike of percentage small a Only impair or uncomfortable hot, are helmets that complaining people most .hearing a like rather -- aerated more and lighter is helmet tropical The of some overcoming hopefully should and -- West the in helmet bicycle .concerns these Vietnam, AIA from support financial won has production VSPEC's Freeman the Corporation, Kraft BP, Philanthropies, Atlantic the APL, .Foundation Starr the and Foundation but business, tax-paying profitable, a as operate will company The .shareholders private to dividends pay not will in works humanitarian other in invested be will profit Instead, products safety-related other of development the on later and Vietnam, .children targeting retired a Craft, Greig founder of vision the is project The .Hanoi in living businessman American children Vietnamese million 5.1 on helmets have to is goal His .years five within at estimated is capacity plant production, of year first the In .helmets 750,000 BG/AH End