Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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industry information in bn 120 dlrs invest to China yuan trillion one spend to is China -- Pulse IRNA-Asia 8, Oct Beijing, its spur to years five next the over (billion 120 dlrs .S.U) of Ministry of meeting a to according industry, information .recently held (MII) Industry Information telecommunications, for go will yuan billion 500 breakdown, a In electronic for billion 400 and service, post for yuan billion 50 .meeting the to according technology, information its with steadily, develop to is industry information China's gross nation's the of cent per seven for accounting added value .ministry the from sources said 2005, year the by product domestic pillar major a become will industry information the 2005, Through .country the of industry and forward push to efforts great make will government Chinese The of way a as technology information of application the to priority give vice- Xinkui, Lu said development, social and economic boosting .MII of minister by financed be not could investment huge a such that noted also Lu .enterprises from money and loans bank allocations, government just and domestic from raised be to need would money said He investment transforming for called and markets, capital international .funds foreign and private of entry the allow to sector the mechanism the for channels more provide will government that said Lu and home from investment direct encourage especially and investment .abroad BG/AH End