Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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PAS Malaysia's says terrorists', all of 'mother is S.U .S.U the of condemnation strong a In -- IRNA 8, Oct Lumpur, Kuala Parti opposition, Islamic-based Malaysia's Afghanistan, on attacks the as superpower global the described Monday (PAS) SeMalaysia Islam .terrorists' all of 'mother has .S.U the action, its by that said Omar Mahfuz chief Youth PAS .democratic not is it that proven the committed had Laden bin Osama that proof the is Where" told Mahfuz "him, harboring is Taliban the that and acts (terrorist) .today lobby Parliament the at newsmen all of leader the is America and state terrorist a is America" .added he "terrorists, against strike military a launched Britain and .S.U Sunday, On northeastern the in explosions reported CNN agency News .Afghanistan the where Kandahar, of city southern the and Jalalabad of city Afghan .located are headquarters militia Taliban's ruling warned Bush George President .S.U after day a came retaliation The over hand to them for out running was time that Taliban ruling the .consequences the face or lieutenants, his and Laden bin Osama attacks 11 Sept the in suspect chief the is exile, Saudi a Osama, where Washington in Pentagon the and Center Trade World York's New on .dead feared are people 6,000 about to Conference Islamic the of Organization the urged also Mahfuz people the support to unite to and attacks Sunday's condemn outrightly .Afghanistan of refugees Afghanistan to only not support its give should Malaysia" .said he "today, attacks the of victims are who people the to also but only not were attacks the said Noor Fadzil Datuk president PAS on assault direct a but rulers Taliban Afghanistan's the against .Muslims Afghanistan like country defenseless and small a attacked America" war are they...proof of reason strong world the showing without .criminals don't why terrorism, against war a waging really is .S.U the If" Palestinians? the against terrorists are who Israel attack they sentiments, similar expressed Awang, Hadi president deputy PAS to violence of act use to .S.U the for unreasonable was it saying .terrorism counter involved actually is who on evidence the reveal to yet have They" lobby Parliament the at reporters to said he "attack, 11 Sept the in .Monday Chinese Malaysian partner main coalition ruling Malaysia's Fam chief Bureau Affairs International Wing Youth (MCA) Association a not was Afghanistan in retaliation .S.U the said meanwhile, Ee, Lee .Muslims against war when 11 Sept on killed reportedly were Muslims 1,000 over said He .York New in Center Trade World the hit terrorists the their of regardless terrorism, for justification no be can There" the against is Youth MCA the but background, religious and ethnic .Afghans innocent of killing does Youth MCA The .fire fight to fire using against also are We" attacks the hope We .terrorism end will retaliation the that think not .added he "camps, training terrorist to limited be will Yatim Rais Department Ministers Prime the in Minister Meanwhile, as incident Sunday's towards attitude open an has Malaysia that said .world the around violence involve not does it as long 'terrorism' of definition its about cautious was Malaysia said He .views international with accordance in be must this because the that indications were Afghanistan on attacks Sunday's if Asked to advice Mohamad's Mahathir Dr Minister Prime the heed not did .S.U because perhaps so seemed it that said Rais war, the regarding Bush .country' 'small a was Malaysia by seriously taken are views our are, we small how matter no But" .said he "countries, World Third the in leaders especially others, said Mahathir Dr proceeding, parliamentary a during Earlier, .Afghanistan on attack .S.U the condemned and disagreed Malaysia of problems the solving in effective be not will act the said He .terrorism terrorist more any be not will there that say to not is This" he "terrorists, harbor that countries with agree not do we although .said a in act to leaders Muslim for time was it said Mahathir Dr these of light the in Islam of image the restore to manner rational .attacks terrorist who Awang Hadi Abdul president deputy PAS by challenged was He of definition clear a with up come has Malaysia if him asked .'terrorism' abhorred, is violence all Islam, to according that said Awang Hadi .groups other by attacks of face the in even the with cautious was Malaysia that replied Mahathir .Dr .situation to according varies it as definition as such colonization fight who fighters freedom Africa, In" in terrorist considered were Kenyatta Jomo (president first Kenya's) .said he "Zimbabwe, of Mugabe (Robert) was so countries, their the consider we aspect, this In people? Palestinian the about How" its handle to chooses it as terrorist a as Israel of government .added he "violence, by problems Either" statement, Bush's on stand his asked also was Mahathir Dr attacks the of wake the in declared he which "them, or us with you're .America in with spoke he when But .emotional very be may he moment that At" repeat not did He .that like seem not did he telephone the through me .Mahathir said "me, to statement that even not did he phone, the on recently me called he when However," we said he Instead, .rational very was he and statement the mention has stand his if as looks it and way our in terrorism combat should ".down cool to chance the had has he that and changed against and terrorism against is Malaysia said Mahathir Dr .terrorists its in friends or allies .S.U we're mean doesn't this However," .added he "Afghanistan, on efforts war injured being Malaysians of possibility the admitted Mahathir Dr .Afghanistan on attack -led.S.U the in being as Muslims perceive will people other that is risk Another" but true not is This .terrorists of supportive indirectly or directly pointed he "everywhere, Muslims on pressure tremendous exerted has it .airplanes of out thrown been even had nationals Arab that adding out, the that reiterated Mahathir Dr lobby, Parliament the in Later .Muslims against waged war a not was Afghanistan on action .S.U the over all Muslims are There .Muslims attacking not are They" to believe they what attacking are they clear, is stand Their .world ".terrorist be .S.U the by given report the see not did he said also Mahathir Dr showing purportedly Huhtala Marie Malaysia to ambassador-designate .attacks the in involvement Laden's bin Osama said and it seen had Albar Hamid Syed Minister Affairs Foreign .him believed he that adding said, Mahathir Dr proof, was there a written had he that parliament the told also minister prime The an to agree to him asking Blair, Tony Minister Prime British to letter .terrorism on conference international agree to him asked and matter the on stand Malaysia's explained I" terrorism counter better can we that so (conference the) it to .together but wait to not me asked had he Bush, to talking after Similarly," we as terrorism on views our expressing immediately him to write to in later meeting Conference Economic Pacific Asia the at meet to are .Shanghai had he and Khatami president Iranian to spoken also have I" .added he "agreed, and Muslims Islam, of image the revive to said also Mahathir Dr 11 .Sept the of wake the in rationally act should nations Islamic .attacks must countries Islamic .terrorism against protest must Muslims" and meet to Conference Islamic the of Organization the for push also "terrorism, of problems the discuss to conference international an for .added he BN/AH End