Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Straw says surprising, not strikes Afghan to reaction Iran's Monday Straw Jack Secretary Foreign British -- IRNA 8, .Oct London, strikes military of launch the against criticism Iran's down played ".unacceptable" as Afghanistan on it because me for surprising from far is, Iran from reaction The" "reaction, the be would that Iran in was I when me to clear made was .program Today four's radio BBC told Straw civilian that is glean, can we as far so said they've What" muted very very, a it's so unacceptable, be would casualties .said he "statement, borne be to needed it that suggested further Secretary Foreign The from far" was government the inside politics Iranian that mind in ".monolithic religious the between tussle a to, amounts what is, There" leadership democratic secular more the and right, the on leadership .maintained he "to, spoke I who grievously more suffered have Iranians that remember, us let And" .added he "else, anybody almost than Taliban the from countries Muslim if worried be would he whether questioned When would he said Straw Islam, on war a as action military the perceived the from except opposition, serious any about concerned" be ".Iraq of quarter predictable Islamic think I weeks four last the over that is truth The" of statements the by assured greatly very been have countries an sense no in is this that Minister Prime our and Bush President .argued he "Islam, on attack of all in groups some" be would there said Secretary Foreign The who country, this in people few a are there as just countries, these in seen have we as areas, some in and, action the to opposed be will ".felt loudly pretty themselves making be will they Indonesia, he for, continue would action military the long how about Asked action the that made is judgement a until sustained be will it" said what precisely in and be will that when effective, been has ".program the on disclose to going not I'm afraid I'm circumstances, was and US the from orders taking was Britain that denied Straw .cooperation military its in "cheque blank" a Washington giving of lot a quite use to permission our requires States United The" that And .operation this for essential are which assets, military a as not but Minister Prime the by readily given was permission .maintained he "orders, taking just of result question a on drawn be to refused initially Secretary Foreign The if US the with involved militarily remain would Britain whether on saying terrorism, sponsoring for country another targeted Washington in happen may which things of sort the about speculating not" was he ".future the even not I'm not, I'm no second, a just well, say, can I What" a was there if pressed when uncertainty the to added he "that, saying .possibility for operations these for targeting the that is say can I What" are authorised been have assets British and forces British which Straw "alone, there and Afghanistan in targets terrorist and military .clarify to attempted Afghanistan against action military the that accepted also He days talking not certainly we're Well," .weeks like more be would .said he "happens, dramatic absolutely something unless unless, HC/KS End