Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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offices customs through exported goods of tons 262,800 dlrs worth goods, of tons 762,800 Some -- IRNA 8, Oct Bushehr, in offices customs provincial through exported were million, 331.49 an to according ,(21 March started) year the of half first the Ali offices customs provincial supervising of charge in official .Jahromi Madadi 11 and 102 of increases showed exports the that IRNA told Jahromi .value and weight of terms in respectively percent among were paraffin and tire, products, chemical said He .India and Qatar Kuwait, to exported items major 292.29 dlrs worth goods the of tons 235,905 said official The customs port Kharg and Deylam Genaveh, through exported were million .customs port Bushehr through rest the and offices million 316.113 dlrs worth commodities of tons 145,409 said He .period said the in offices customs provincial through imported were .parts spare and rice sugar, included goods imported the that added He and weight of terms in percent 3.26 of decrease a showed figure The corresponding the to compared value of terms in rise percent 3.9 a .year previous the period about Province, Gilan Astara, from reports related on Based to exported were million 2.80 dlrs worth goods of tons 70,000 .year the of half first the in countries neighboring Sarabi Javad office customs provincial the of General Director registered were rise percent 34 a and decrease percent 27 a said period said the in exported goods the of value and weight the in .before year the period similar the for figure the to compared plants, cement, garments, including goods, the said Sarabi were products chemical and sanitary products, agricultural .Georgia and Russia to exported goods, of tons 37,000 about period said the within that said He machinery, and ingot aluminum wood, and timber iron, including imports The .country the to imported were million 13 dlrs worth .value and weight of terms in decreases percent 20 to 10 about showed foreign 66,000 including passengers, 150,380 said official The region the from and to travelled citizens, Azeri especially nationals, .year the of months six first the in goods, of tons 97,660 year the of half first the in that said He .states neighboring the to transited were million, 330 dlrs worth .foodstuff and cars instruments, electric textiles, included goods The .Georgia and Azerbaijan UAE, the to transited were They BG/RR End